Monday, April 7, 2008

A boy and his cats

Our friends keep asking us how the cats are coping, and we just say "Each in his own way." Bang Bang is already a fan of the new kid in town:
Yes, that's one of my fuzzy socks that Abe cuddles with for sleep. We left his favorite snuggly blanket in California, and at least the sock is clean.

Buddy (the black and white one) only comes in the house after Abe has gone to sleep. Last night, we found these two snuggling, a very rare occurrence:

Our first night home in Portland, we caught Chitty in a compromised position with Abe's fish:
(Love the blanket, Samantha!)

I've had lots of thoughts going around since getting home, and there's still more to share about our trip, but boy, having a little boy around all the time is a bit tiring, both physically and mentally.

For now, I'll leave you with my favorite picture taken so far in Portland. I guess it makes sense that Abe meets a little girl in a pink dress and a feather boa all at the same time:
Caption Contest, anyone? There will surely be a prize involved!


Stephanie said...
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Amy said...

Is it strange that my own sister in law (above) comments on your blog and never on mine? Hmm.

Abe is adorable! There are many adorable things about him, but his hair is especially standing out in the last picture. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Hello, just to say your Abe is as beautiful as my Abe.

I too have a son named Abenezer, he is 5 years old and was adopted from Ethiopia almost 2 years ago!

enjoy him, they grow so fast....


Stacie said...

I am not feeling up to the caption challenge - although I've been staring at the picture for a while trying. :) It's not so bad to stare at a picture of Abe!

Oh - and yes, I have been to Powell's. Love it there! My sis lives in OR so I always try to visit Powell's while there. We do not have anything like it here- although I really wish we did!!

Anonymous said...

Just intruding to put in my captions ;)

Abe: They seemed like such normal folks when we first met....
Princess: Yah, well, get used to it, buddy.

Cute photo. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Abe: You CAN'T be serious!

LOVE IT! Just wondered today if you were tired yet. Never underestimate the physical requirements of raising a child!
Hint - take naps when he takes naps!
Cindy in MS

mama becca said...

Girl: "So...can I have my boa back?"

Abe: "Goal tending? These refs are terrible."

Also intruding for the sake of the caption...(NCAA basketball related).

-Zach (Becca's husband) ps...thanks so much for the photos!

Susan Isaacs said...

Viva, las Vegas! Viva viva Las Vegas!

No, the show girl sings first THEN the Elvis impersonator!

Jim and Debbie said...

Abe is too cute! Looks like he's settling in nicely. We enjoyed spending time with you guys in Ethiopia. Kuri named her baby doll Abenezer!

I think in the picture Abe is thinking "Where's my tiara?!?!)


jody said...

"Seriously? Gen-yoo-ine Cookie Monster fur? No. Way."

Anonymous said...

"Welcome to my lair. Girls, Boas, Balloons. That's how I roll."


LISA said...

Abe:I traveled all this way for a blue boa?

emily said...

"How you doin'?" (think Joey Tribiani)

Jill said...

Caption: "I know my Dad's an actor and all, but do they really expect me to wear this stuff?"

Sweet Lou (Jim) Raleigh

Anonymous said...

Abe: "Hey, how do you like this stylin', baby-blue boa?"

Girl: "Dude"

Note: This will be the next Budweiser commercial.

Carrie said...

Caption #1: "The road to their own Rooney ends with a boy in a boa and a diaper next to a purple ball and a genuine Disney princess."

Caption #2: "Abe channels Hedwig."