Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Al Gore came to visit.

What we found Saturday morning while yard saling:
Abe really digs it. He holds the wheel and even uses the gear shift. Have you ever before witnessed such cuteness? I didn't think so.

Why we were up until 2am last night:
This game and the 1980's version of Trivial Pursuit (played after this game of Cranium was finished) were both found at Goodwill for $4 a piece.

I didn't want Abe to take a second nap today, but being read a Jimmy Carter book might do this to a boy:
And another Southern politician, Al Gore, stopped by too this week:

Finally, my new addiction: Go Blooque.


Susan Isaacs said...

No, actually, nothing as cute as that boy behind a wheel. A plastic wheel, thankfully. GOod thing he's not talking on his "Bye," you can get a ticket for that down here now. But no. Nothing quite that cute. yet. Until tomorrow. Rusty is about as funny as Ted. Maybe funnier.

Lori said...

Yeah, Ted is convinced that Rusty would have been a huge success in improv had he not become an English professor.

Jana said...

hey! i called ya a couple of nights ago regarding plane flights--did you get the message? let's talk soon. :)


Dan, Misty & Ashar said...

Seriously, 1980's version of Trivial Pursuit is the best Trivia game ever invented. Though maddening, because the things you don't know, you KNOW you should actually KNOW! Good times!

The Dorrs said...


Love the picture of Abe snoozing while reading!

Don't know if you got my email last week, but we sent out info to Gladney last week. The ball is rolling!


Anonymous said...

What a great car Abe has! He is getting so big and cute as ever!
Kim P./Portland

Blog Shmog said...

wow, you guys scored a handful of cool things! Abe is just as cute as ever!

Vinitha said...

So cute! I am honoured to have witnessed such cuteness :)

Stacie said...

I want to come to your house and play board games all night. (I love trivial pursuit and am really good - you should have me on your team for sure!)

Nice find at the Yard Sale!! That kind of beats my slide, but since Micah slides down it about 100 times a day and it is currently sitting in our front room... maybe not. :)

Stacie said...

Oh and I forgot to mention how stinking cute Abe is! Oh HE IS CUTE!

los cazadores said...

Holy awesome Al Gore impression or was that an impression? Toooo funny...plus, I love the part about Jimmy Carter putting Abe to sleep! :)