Thursday, July 17, 2008

Snapshots of the last few days

Hearing my Granny exclaim, "She thinks my tractor's sexy!" during a lively game of Apples to Apples.

Storm Troopers trying to kidnap my baby.

Taking photos with my talented photographer-niece.

The other niece changing two poopy diapers without complaining.

Many, many, many references to this song. Ya trick ya, ya'll.

Excitement at finding cute jeans at Goodwill.

Pappy stealing our baby from us for the week with excessive bonding.

Abe cracking us all up over dinner by patting Pappy on the arm and sweetly proclaiming him to be "Ma" (due to all that bonding).

Going to bed every night without my usual back-ache since Pappy's been carrying Abe everywhere.

Granny's fresh raspberry cobbler, made from a recipe she just happened to have in her purse.

Over the noise of late-night kitchen construction by Ted and his father-in-law, chatting about boys for an hour on facebook from the office with my niece in the living room. Some conversations are just better had typing.

Ending this evening tucked away upstairs with just me and my boy laughing at silliness before going to sleep.


PVZ said...

I am bummed that you do not have your camera, would love to see Abe bonding with his Pappy. In our family we have a Paps, and an Opa.


mama becca said...

mmmmm... raspberry cobbler... yummmmm

Blog Shmog said...

Sounds like such a nice time! Glad you guys are enjoying your time with family!

Gretchen said...