Friday, August 8, 2008

Writer's Block

I wrote my writer-friend Susan today with my concern over this case of writer's block I am dealing with (well, it's not so much that I'm not writing but that what I am writing feels so sluggish and's taken me five pages to get to any mention of last weekend's events in Hermosa Beach). My favorite part of her response:

Write! And tell your inner critic, "thanks for sharing, go color in the corner and be quiet."

In the meantime, a favorite memory from last weekend: Courtney's excitement at our trip to Trader Joe's.


Anonymous said...

i agree with your friend, just write. We LOVE To read your writing, all of it! So post already....

And just FYI, I really miss Trader Joes!

mama becca said...

come on Lori! You can do it! Let's see... you have lots going for you. A)you are a good writer, B)you were actually at the blog union, C)you have a really cute kid.
Oh, and D)you really need to make me feel better about missing it by writing about it.
No worries, everyone will love whatever you write :). Or, they can just watch more about special meat. Yum.

PVZ said...

Lori: I agree with Susan. Love that saying. Anne Lamott says "don't be afraid to write shitty first drafts"

I would guess that what you are writing is probably better than you think -- take that from a fan of your writing.

We are cheering you on, and love to read whatever you choose to share with us.


Gretchen said...

You did it. You shared my joy with being at the world's best store. I wonder if we can make a few bucks off that?

Jana said...

love it.