Monday, August 25, 2008

Muscle vs. Muse

My writer-friend extraordinaire Susan read and gave feedback on my Blog Union piece, but I've been lacking the will to face it and make those needed changes. And what with my lack of will, plus even more overnight visits with family, it's just not getting done...yet.

Last night, when we both finally got the chance to sit down and read the Sunday newspaper, I found an article about writing called "The Work and Art of Writing: Muscle vs. Muse." It was a collection of perspectives about, well, just what the title says, from writers like Isaac Asimov and G.K. Chesterson. One quote in particular rang true for me:

"I do a lot of stalling until I feel so guilty and self-hating that the only option for rescue is to write. I have a 2-year-old. The only routine in my day is that at some point, I'm going to be looking at poop." --Steve Almond

I passed the stalling phase a few days ago and am well into self-hatred for not having finished this thing. And I've already looked at poop this morning, so I think it's high time for my rescue by simply biting the bullet, baby.

(And for a lovely bit of writing, go read this story...I found myself choked up at the end and thinking a lot about my own high school experiences. You can read it here.)


mama becca said...

I love love love that quote. I'm going to print it and hang it on the fridge :).
I'm sure that whatever you write will be wonderful and eagerly read by all...

Bringing Baby Home said...

Perfect quote. It is so true.

I love the story from Nicole's blog - that first line had me cracking up. She is a funny one - especially when blogging about the Tudors and the Germans - if you haven't read those you should!

Nicole said...

Look at me, I'm blushing over here! (And I am not a pretty blusher,I blush all...splotchy-like)

I was nostalgic one night and with a wicked case of writer's block, decided to blog about my first date with my future husband.

You know, you couldn't pay me enough to go back to high school, but I just love when I have some random memory of something great that happened those 4 years of teenaged heck.

Blog Shmog said...
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Blog Shmog said...

I can't wait to read your post. :)

Kimberly Baggett said...

i don't have your email address, but i wanted to let you know that we are compiling photos of families with their children into a photo album for the gladney caregivers….i would love for you to email me a family picture of y’all with abe for the album at ….we leave next week, so send it soon! the caregivers will love it i am sure!!! thanks!

coffeemom said...

You really don't give yourself enough credit. YOu write very well and we LOVE reading your stuff, so just do it already. I get it...I get that whole blocked thing. It's perfectionism you know. I get painters block, It's a horrible thing. But really, the best thing is to just have at it. And really, writing is editing (unless you just do that whole blurting stream of consciousness drivel stuff like me!). So, presume you'll edit, through words at the screen adn you'll be done!

"You can do it, yes you can!" Bob the Builder

Stacie said...

Ooops - that St. Louis thing up there was me. I was signed in for our EKC and forgot to sign out. Anyway - let me know if you want me to send you my Twilight books. I have 1, 2, and 4 (I borrowed #3). I'm happy to share - no one I know will read them. (Cos they're not any fun.)

And, I love David Sedaris - I'm saving that one for a beach trip later this month.