Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer Loveliness

We met the fam yesterday at Grant Park where there was a free symphonic concert, directed by a conductor who looked like the spawn of Einstein and Colonel Sanders. I took a lot of pictures. Here are a few:

Someone had a birthday in the park.

Someone else made some new friends and ate all the cheerios in the bottom of the wagon.

This guy is proud of who he is.

This lady drinks her wine from a real glass.

Abey-baby really likes these two.

Someone spent a long time making a necklace.

Colonel Sanders conducts.

Earlier that morning, I'd driven out to Edgefield to meet with Joy and Beka. What an amazing time we had--what is it with moms adopting from Ethiopia? What lovely people. Beka made a bag for me and Joy, filled with these lovely things:
I showed everyone this bag, took it to the store this morning to fill up with bread.


Jill said...

oh my gosh, that last b/w photo is awesome. how cute do all of you look?!

Gretchen said...

I LOVE that last picture!!!

coffeemom said...

HOw lucky you are to have so many family, so close! We miss's a great blessing even when it makes you nuts! Great pics!!

More Dorrs said...

Had a great time with you Saturday! Looking forward to many more!


Anonymous said...

hi lori, i know you read the comments here more than email so just to tip off to relive the old and glide into the New times - read,

much love,
jana k

Blog Shmog said...

So fun Lori! I like how the pictures turned out!

Anonymous said...

The picture of the woman's hands and the wine glass captivated me. I think I would have enjoyed meeting her. And you are PRECIOUS in the last pic. I miss you!!!

Vinitha said...

Every single photo in this post is amazing. Lovely people, cute baby and nice bag!