Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ted's Charity: Water page

Abe is waking up every day lately asking "Dad? Daaaaad?!" Mom has become the feeder/booger wiper. Dad is Mr. Everything Else.

Ted's birthday is September 22. He just created this page at Charity: Water. The videos are beautiful. I can't stop thinking about this project. Yesterday afternoon, I kept it running for hours with that music playing.

Check out the videos from the Live Drill, especially the celebratory one with the water first appearing. Tears streaming down my face.

Update: We just found where you can order merchandise with the Charity: Water logo. Click here to buy. We've ordered shirts that we plan to wear everyday for a month, hopefully so people will ask what it's about and get involved (Ted is "Charity," I am "Water"). The ones we ordered have the website on the back.


Claudia said...

For a MONTH? That's committment. Please tell me there will be washing breaks?

Ted's page is great. That time lapse video is mesmerising - so many donkeys!

Lori said...

Because we are blessed to have fresh water, there will be washing breaks (at night). But yeah, we're foolhardy that way. Love those shirts. Thanks for checking out the page.

PVZ said...

Happy Birthday Ted, what a great way to celebrate and what a creative campaign for a wonderful cause.


los cazadores said...

His page is fantasmo! I really dig it!


Heather said...

Happy Birthday Ted!