Thursday, October 2, 2008

Moments with Abe

Abe has discovered screaming just for the heck of it--no tears, just high-pitched screeching. Any ideas what to do about that? It's truly making me crazy.

Tonight we were doing our night-time thing: Abe on my lap having a little bottle, me having "Mom's bottle" (a Hornsby's cider) while we sat at the computer desk reading commentary on the debate (sigh...) and going through blogs.

Abe sucked down the last of his bottle and started flailing it about while I started reading Craig and Cindy's blog. I look over at Abe right at the moment he whacked himself square in the face with the empty bottle. I clicked "play" on the video they'd posted right as Abe's face squished up into sad, bemoaning, pitiful wails. He sat up and leaned into my chest for comfort through his crying which was a convenient way for me to hide my stifled snicker at this "injury," but then...the magic happened. The music overtook him. He leaned back and looked at me, face red and wet from tears, but with a look of shock at the glorious sounds coming from the speakers. He made his surprised, raised-eyebrows, mouth in a perfect "O" look and still with tears on his face, started to clap and shake his head.

He looked at the computer, then looked at me, back and forth, clapping nonstop and bobbing his head through the entire song as his tears dried and face lost all that fierce red. At the end of the song, he joined in with the "woo-woo-woos."

We played the song about three more times. I carried him up to bed, and as I whispered in his ear before laying him down, I teared up, thanking God for this soulful, screeching boy.


los cazadores said...

Lori, that was so sweet. Well, maybe I didn't singhandedly bring peace to all corners of the world, but I did indirectly put an end to a sweet baby's tears. :)


Sharon said...

I too have a screamer/screecher and I know it sounds crazy, but we whisper to Jack when he does it and he stops and jabbers back at us in a whisper. Granted, it took him some time to stop, but he eventually did. It was especially bad when we were in acoustically interesting places. Good Luck!

What a beautiful little boy you have, I usually don't comment but your blog has touched me so that I thought it might be time to come out of the shadows. :)

Ms. Fricknfrack said...

So sorry to hear Abe discovered screaming. I can tell you that the screaming on our screamer has lessened but unfortunately he now only screams in his car seat. In the small car. Oy.

You are an incredibly talented writer with an incredibly scrumtious little boy.


jennifer said...

Zion is also a a high pitched, breaking glass kind of scream. It is actually a sound that annoys many people...we have gotten some major dirty looks in restaurants. I have tried ignoring it, telling her to use an "inside" voice, whispering. Hopefully it will pass because it is a sound even a mother has a hard time loving!

Jennifer said...

he is just now screeching? our abe learned in ethiopia and hasn't stopped. it is ear piercing. he likes to break it out in target or the library...or any time for that matter.