Friday, October 31, 2008

Sick sicker sickest

I have been sick, sick, sick, which explains the lack of thoughtful posts. I thought the first two colds were on their way out when the evil third one struck Wednesday night. Now I'm wondering: sinus infection? I used to get those so bad when I was in college that my mom's friend, an ENT doctor, would suck out all the mucus for me with a special machine at his clinic.

Oh, how I wish for one of those suckers now.

So, in place of a post with any sort of "point," a few things of interest from our sick days:

Hot toddies are wonderful things, until you run out of whiskey.

Check out the amazing squirrel on my other blog.

This Little Bear clip is what I use when I need Abe to be still enough for me to clip his nails. I love it. Thanks, Autumn. This other one is
wonderful as well. Sweet, magical stuff.

Our son is the sweetest, gentlest guy I know. We've been having issues with a slightly older boy we see regularly pushing, hitt
ing, poking, grabbing hair, and rubbing Abe's face in concrete (yeah, that last one pissed me off--was ready to karate-chop a small toddler). When we ran into this same toddler at a park a few days ago, Abe walks right up to him saying "hi" and hands him the rake he'd been playing with while saying "Thank you!" (which sounds like thu-da). Tonight, Abe kept asking for M&M's, which he would promptly hand right back to me, also saying thu-da, wanting me to eat it. He's a giver, that one.

I kno
w this post is very linky, but this news story cracks me up. I laugh and laugh every time I see it.

And because I know it's all about kids in funny costumes, our Halloween pictures:Yes, he's a chicken.

It's fun when dramatic high school students in the neighborhood open the door to hand out candy.


Julie said...

I'm sorry to hear you are sick Lori. I want to deck the small toddler who is messing with Abe! How can you pick on the world's kindest, cutest chicken?! Get well soon!

coffeemom said...

OH, so sorry you're sick. Feel better, it's going around (the whole country apparently!). And Abe is the cutest little chicken I've seen! Brava for getting him in and keeping it on. We failed that one.
Playground bullies? UGHHH, I feel the same way, a challenge that. smother em w/ kindess maybe.

I'd send you soup but it doesn't travel..... M

jody said...

that there is one cute chicken!!!

Erin Sager said...

Cutest like chick ever!!!! Hope you feeling better....

los cazadores said...

I love that little chickey - the cutest thing Ever!!!


Vinitha said...

Aww.. I was I could hand out candy to such cute chickens!