Monday, October 27, 2008

Things Learned in the Last Week

Things learned in the last week, in no particular order:

1. Spider-bites can cause horrifically large and disgusting bruises that last a couple of weeks. The picture I got of the one on my arm doesn't do it justice. I'm afraid people will think Ted's a wife-beater.

2. I'm tired of people "shooting emails" all over the place. Can't we just send them to each other?

3. Cooking a whole chicken in a slow-cooker is the best way to go. Save the broth and make gingery chicken noodle soup for when you've been sick for two weeks.

4. To keep a toddler who likes to scream quiet in the grocery store, dress him in cargo pants and fill the pockets with stuff he can pull out along the way. When he runs out of treasures, refilling the pockets with kleenex or your shopping list should buy you a few more minutes of peace.

5. Putting 3-minute-miracle conditioner on Abe's hair every time I bathe him (but not shampooing) helps to keep it really soft.

6. Bee costumes are cute, especially if they have a little stinger on the butt.7. George Straight writes good songs. I had to look up exactly what a 'troubadour' is, and I'm still not totally clear on the meaning, but damn if George Straight isn't pretty hot for an old man. Yes, I sometimes listen to country music.

8. Do not buy the product Mucinex. Their ads are disgusting, plus the "active ingredient" is the exact same stuff that's in plane-jane robitussin cough syrup, which you can buy super-cheap generic. I would like to thank my RN mother for this knowledge.

9. My son likes dancing to extremely inappropriate songs from the musical Hair. One of Ted's brothers sent us the song "Abie, Baby," and our Abe looooves it. Soon enough, we'll have to start editing it.

10. Nights out are very important, especially if you get to go hang out with someone who shares your love of big buttons.
11. I've got to start wearing my new glasses (they give me a head-ache though). These old ones are a bit too Palin-ish for my taste.

12. Every little boy needs his daily dig in the dirt.

13. I feel happy when I get carded.

14. This is my new favorite smile:


Jenny said...

#4 - Genius! I need to remember that one. What works here are SNACKS and a short list! It's a good thing they're so cute!

Jen said...

I love you "learned things." I wish I had known #4 when my older three were little.

Julie said...

'Bee' still my heart! Tell Ted to stop hitting you!

Claudia said...

You're not helping my slow-cooker lemming here. Didn't know you could cook a whole chicken in one! Now I really, really, REALLY need one. (Sorry to hear you're still sick, btw... that stinks. Mucus gets very boring after more than a week).

los cazadores said...

Great tips for the toddler in the grocery store! From Emaye-to-be to Emaye-Is "thank you"...

Abe looks so presh in that bee costume!


Amy B. said...

Wish I had know about that Mucinex thing before I spent $##%^%^# dollars on it...and it didn't work! Oh...and I think troubadour means ancient hottie, right?...or something like that :)


Autumn and Dan's family said...

The second cutest little boy ever! I like that picture of us...cute. I'm so excited about our trade and another night out with you sometime!

Autumn and Dan's family said...

The second cutest little boy ever! I like that picture of us...cute. I'm so excited about our trade and another night out with you sometime!

Tricia and Anthony said...

Wow! You learned so much and some funny stuff to boot.

I love, love, love Abe's costume.

Jill said...

love abe in the bee costume, he's totally posing.

Stacie said...

I love big buttons too! Can I come hang out? :)
And - the grocery thing is a very good idea - I'm going to use that!
Love the bee costume. Abe is adorable as a bee.

Rusty Spell said...

2. Shooting emails is so cas. [ual]

7. Troubadour used to refer to traveling minstrels in the 1100s, but it's been adopted by rock, country, and western music to mean "guitar-slinger," someone who writes and performs songs on the road. Implies grit and old-timeyness. (You used to hear the expression "modern day troubadour.")

10. I like big butt. [ons]

11. Woe unto those who once tried to look like Tina Fey! Now they just look like Sarah Palin. (Good idea to distance yourself from her. She's a terrorist, you know.)

Gretchen said...

I had something clever to write, then I read the above comment made by rusty spell. And now, well, nothing comes to mind. Well said, rusty, well said.

xoxo, Courtney

PS- Abe needs MORE costumes and MORE monster t-shirts.

Jocelyn said...

You learned a lot in one sort of makes me feel dumb...all I learned was that "twinkle twinkle" is not my favorite song after singing it 1000 times:-)

Love Abe's smile!!

Drew Carey Show said...

Fun! P.S. Zoe's got a bee costume too! I wish I could see them in their bee finery together =) When are you guys here next?

Jana said...

George Strait. But he's probably straight, too.

I can't stand all the Abe cuteness. It's too much to bear. :)

Vinitha said...

Abe in the bee costume - super cuteness!