Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Week in Pictures

Last weekend, this group arrived an hour early to be first in line, ahead of all the 12-year-old girls, for the Saturday night viewing of a wonderfully awful movie about vampires. The lovely lady who brought us all together (bottom left) made the matching t-shirts and was the first to erupt in laughter at the melodrama. Good stuff, very fun.

On Tuesday, my sister arrived all the way from Mississippi to spend Thanksgiving with us. She started out by buttering Abe up with some strawberry-rhubarb pie.

Then she bought him her kids' favorite book, Goodnight Moon.

She also delivered this barn, all the way from our mom's house. It was the favorite toy of our little brother when he was a toddler. Some bits are even chewed up from little Jon teeth. Sweet. Abe loves it, though it's currently tied for favorite toy with that blue toilet brush you see in the photo. Abe prefers "real" objects to play with, so he's been running about lately with the toilet brush and a very large shoe-horn, both of which I bought for $1 a piece at Ikea.

Abe is officially bonded to his Aunt T.

Thanksgiving Day, we spent with family in Corvalis. Abe and cousin E spent loads of time sitting on this step reading books.

And in true Oregonian fashion, Abe went skateboarding with the cousins after dinner in the rain.

Waiting for dinner with Uncle E.

And best thing of all: Aunt T taught us that turning the flap down on Abe's hat nearly always lulls him to sleep, which comes in handy for full days of thrift shopping.


Nicole said...

This blog post is made of amazing.

1) I love that you all wore matching tees to see Twilight.

2) Abe is incredibly cute, but you already knew that.

coffeemom said...

Beautiful. just beautiful family

mama becca said...

fun times at the Rooneys!
Great pictures :).

Cindy said...

Love the shirts :)

Laurzie said...

OK, that last photo is pure Heaven! How can you keep from nibbling on him?

Gretchen said...

I am thrilled you got to spend time with your sister- she looked happy as a clam with her little nephew in her lap!
Yay! for sisterhood!
Yay! for Lori!
Yay! for vampires!
Yay! for skateboarding!
Yay! for books!
Yay! for hats with flaps!
Yay! for Rebecca Winter!

los cazadores said...

I have so much to catch up on! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving - I love these pics of Abe!!


Stacie said...

Love the skateboarding in the rain! Only in the Pacific NW would you play baseball, I mean skateboard, in the rain. :)
Abe has the sweetest sleepy face.
(Has Courtney been converted? I thought she didn't like the vampires?)

Lori said...

I think, maybe, Courtney is being converted? Maybe? And yes, baseball in the rain--any sport in the rain. It's what happens in the Pacific NW.

Blog Shmog said...

Your t-shirts are so funny! Okay, maybe we need to see this next week when Amy is here?? Is it really that good??
Love sleeping Abe lips. He is so precious. :)