Monday, December 8, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

Currently, a few favorite things about my son.

1. He laughs so hard when I tickle his sides that his lips turn blue.

2. I often catch him standing in front of the piano, looking at his reflection, and making faces at himself, trying out new ones, perfecting the old.

3. He occasionally enters the room where I am with wide eyes, saying "no-no" to let me know that he'd just been pulling ornaments off the Christmas tree or putting paper in the toilet. He's a confessor.

4. He finds birds sitting on top of tall buildings, microscopic at the long distance, and tells me while pointing, "Bir, bir."

5. When he wants me to pick him up, he's starting to now say "up," clear as day, no longer grunting and pulling on my leg.

6. Now that he's learned now to say the /s/ sound, he has the most lovely "yes" I've ever heard. It's perfect, sort of like "yash."

7. While he is extremely sociable, shaking hands with everyone and letting many read him books and hold him, if he's hurt, he goes to Mom for consolation.

8. He snores pretty loudly when he sleeps, just like his dad.

If you want to read something beautiful, go here. These words left me with an ache in my chest. I heart Julie. She's always on the top of my list of people to see when we are in California. What a beautiful soul.


Danni and Tommy said...

I love your list. I NEED to see him soon. Are you coming down any time soon?
Yes, Julie. Wow. You put it perfectly. A beautiful soul.

Rebecca said...

So, Abe is a tiny little ornithologist? My husband would love that. He's always trying to point out birds to me, but I can never see them. :)

Abe is so cute. I'm glad he brings so much happiness to your world. Can't wait to meet him!

los cazadores said...

This is just sweet as can be. A confessor - lol!


jen said...

this list is great! Sam also has a thing for birds. He deosn't say bird though, he signs bird and tweets.
How cute that Abe confesses! What a sweet boy!

Julie said...

Thanks Lori. I heart you guys too, YASH I do! Hoping Ted lands some tv show on the westside so you guys will have to move in.

Stacie said...

I love Abe. Micah says "yash" too and I love it. He also brings me things when he knows he is not supposed to have them. Like the lotion bottle he emptied out yesterday. They are sweet, aren't they? :)

Jocelyn said...

What a great list...Abe is one special little boy!! He has some pretty great parents too:-)

Claudia said...

ah, I love that he laughs so hard his lips turn blue. That's too cute!