Monday, December 22, 2008

Our world action!

Despite being pretty much housebound (okay, not driving, but doing lots of walking around the neighborhood), life is feeling pretty good. It's definitely never felt more like Christmas than right now.

Something we love about Abe is that he is not easily frustrated, as evidenced here:

This video is from Sunday:

And the same hill today, after a few more inches of snow. Not as exciting:

So to make things more interesting, everyone started sledding down the public staircase:


Nicholas said...

Oh my gosh Lori, I totally cracked up at Ted going down the stairs! A move like that made me wince at thinking of his poor tailbone (remember I fractured mine the week Tessa came home from using the two foot kiddie slide in our basement)!!!

That little Abe sure is patient, and not a whiner! So precious and resourcful. Let's throw determined in there too - kind of like someone else we know (ec)! ;)

Amy B. said...

OK...a few things that I loved about this post:

1) Abe turning himself around and around until he could stand up cracked me up. I was wondering how many times he was going to have to go around before he would get his footing. Hilarious!

I also loved your calm patient voice. You just let him find his own way...and I love that!

2) I love in the sledding video where there was a little more snow. Ted said, "We're out of control", but they were moving at a snail's pace. Again...Hilarious!

3) Finally, I love how at the end of the staircase video Abe says, "Dad". He has come to understand his silly parents, hasn't he? :)

Jill said...

okay, the staircase, thank you for not bringing abe on too scary for me.

Melissa said...

Everytime you post an Abe-face picture, it totally cracks me up. What a boy! So funny.

coffeemom said...

"man down, in the snow" too funny. Sweet sweet boy. Great dad. fun great parents. What a gift this snowstorm has been for you all and the neighborhood too! I love it when it snows! And the hats, well, it's all merry, gotta love it!

Carol said...

Snow for Christmas. How wonderful! Down here in Texas we settled for a little dusting of ice today :-) Gotta say Ted really makes a near-blizzard look like a lot of fun! (Again, in Texas, most any amount of snow qualifies as a near-blizzard!)

los cazadores said...

Looks amazing! I wish we would get a nice smattering of snow instead of just ice.


filoli said...

I thought you might find this interesting...notice the family...