Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Man On Wire

If I die, what a beautiful death!--Philippe Petit

Though I knew going into the film, Man on Wire, that it all ended well, I couldn't help having sweaty hands at certain critical moments. It truly is a breathtaking story, one with a salute that left me in tears. It's made me think about the bravery of people who dive headfirst into their passion, no matter what the outcome or risks. So many of us hesitate in doing what we love because of the opinions of others. What a stupid thing.

Today Abe and I were standing beside the indoor skating rink watching the ice-skaters go by. One guy drew me in. He was surrounded by kids and a few hard-core ice skaters in leotards and glitter, yet he was in his own world. He was maybe late 20s (I'm guessing) and wore black pants and a tight tshirt that showed off his pudgy middle. He had a page-boy haircut that would whip around his head as he would twirl, salut and dramatically fall down on one knee with both hands reaching high above his head as a tinny version of "All That Jazz" played.

At first I thought it was funny, but as he kept going and going, I got teary. He was obviously enjoying himself, completely unaware of anyone watching him. It was sort of like Phillippe Petit's inability to resist the pull of the wire; the pudgey page-boy outside the pirate-store at the mall couldn't resist the pull of the ice capades, so he dove right in. And whether it's a walk across a tightrope or an impromptu solo show on an ice-skating rink, it's inspiring to see someone experience the joy that comes in shaking off fear. I wish I were more like him.

Do something pretty while you can.
Don't fall asleep.
Skating a
pirouette on ice is cool"
--Belle and Sebastian


coffeemom said...

Um. Lori, let me remind you, please: Look down, I believe at your feet. See that ridiculously cute boy,the one pulling on them, the one w/ the fabulous smile and hair??? Yeah, that one. There it is. Your permanent evidence. You are like him. Like everyone who has dived in, into their passion and shaken off their fear. You did it!! And look, there it is, your passion, pulling on your feet.

(and I'm just waiting to see the next dive, holding my breath because i know, it will be beautiful, whatever way you leap!)

Love M

coffeemom said...

and yeah, I do homeschool, but overlook the ridiculous grammar usage please, I have a head cold. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! M

Autumn and Dan's family said...

I loved Man on Wire and I love Belle and Sebastian. We also love to watch the ice skaters at our ghetto mall.

Erin Sager said...

Love it. I always wanted to an ice skater. I have never tried it, so I'm off to Lloyd center right now. Thanks for the inspiration......Wish I was there...

Jana said...

LOVED that documentary. One of my favorite things I've seen this year. TOTALLY beats that crappy Benjamin Button.

i like this post. i hear ya sister.