Monday, February 9, 2009

Thoughts of Spring and Baby M

We are so so so ready for spring. I shouldn't complain considering the wonderful weather we've been having (generally) in Portland. But today was cold and rainy, and I'm so over it. We found this raincoat and rainboots at a children's resale shop today, and what fun to toddle around in this outfit, holding hands with Mom. Well, except while we were out, Abe did have on pants. Notice the camera next to Abe? This is the very first digital camera ever made, given to us by some sweet friends last week for Abe to play with.

I'm noticing every day that Abe is looking more and more like a boy, less like a baby. To be expected, but I can't help sighing a little when, during our night-time ritual of cuddles and songs, Abe looks me in the eye to say, "Mom? Nigh-nigh, Bye!" while pointing to his bed. This is very much big-boy behavior, and I guess I just have to be ready for it cause it's surely coming, come hell or high water.

We finally remembered to use the back-pack we found last summer at a garage sale before Abe is too big for it. This was on a trip to the zoo last week. We mostly saw polar bears and penguins--fitting for winter, I guess.

I guess what I'm looking forward to most about warmer weather are more frequent meetings like this one with the kids on our street, the ones who love Abie-baby:
Nearly every day last summer, we were outside on this sidewalk with the neighbors, usually until pretty close to nightfall, which in Portland isn't until well after 9pm. I'm ready for these long days, the lazy days of summer, as they say.

We're thinking and praying hard tonight for Baby M, baby sister to the famous Rhett. Abe played at Rhett's house Friday night while we went to see an amazing play, The Seafarer. It was the first time we've left him that Abe didn't come running to us upon our return. In fact, he loved being there so much that he took one look at us and took off in the other direction, pointing at all the cool stuff he'd been playing with, like the guitar and vacuum cleaner. Rhett is going to a fantastic big brother. Please say a prayer for them too.


mama becca said...

I'm praying for your sweet friends... for that adorable Rhett to be a big brother soon...
and for you to get warm whether soon (it is magnificent... it's been in the 60's and sunny here for the past few days... amazing for the soul...)

Amy B. said...

Abe in that raincoat and boots...with no one of the cutest things I've ever seen. It is so adorable...especially with the look on his face. We'll be thinking of your friends today and baby M. I'm going to call you today...just 'cause I want to :)

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of Abe in the raincoat and boots!

Autumn and Dan's family said...

Thanks for this Lori. I'm sure all the extra prayers helped! We love Abe in his rain gear!

Erin Sager said...

Oh I hope Abe is having fun taking fake pictures, if you ever get it to work, he might be as talented as you, you never know. Perfect raincoat for our NW weather.