Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Lovelies

We're having trouble finding the right church for our family, and after a very busy week for all of us, this is what we ended up doing this Sunday morning. Ted even brought home a maple bar and apple fritter from VooDoo Doughnuts to go with our coffee and paper. It was a lovely morning.

Adding to the loveliness was finding a wonderful bit of writing at Bright Beating Hearts. This community of bloggers is lucky to have the soulful, talented Mama Dog in its ranks. You can read it here.

Finally, a very happy birthday to my friend Autumn, mom to the magical Rhett and beautiful Mezmur. I'm lucky to have her. This post was really sweet.


Julie said...

Seriously, that Mama Dog is going to have the most pre-orders on record for any book ever written.
How cute is Abe in those jammies? And please, tell us more about the mysterious 'maple bar', Is it crunchy? Smooth? Filled with anything? This sounds like a Sunday morning ritual I could commit to.

Autumn and Dan's family said... all around.

Autumn and Dan's family said... all around.

Tim said...

Be still my heart.

To think how when I first started this adoption process I would haunt your page, reading about little Abe, and then the long painful wait to get to him. And now he's home! Reading the Sunday funnies over fritters with his Mom and Pop! And now I'm here, thanking you for all your goodness!

How did anybody do this before there were blogs?

Elisabeth said...

I love sundays like that! The maple bar and apple fritter sound incredible!!! I enjoy Mama Dog's blog too!

mama becca said...

love love love.
love to you Mrs. Rooney :). so glad you had a fantastic sunday.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the link to Mama Dog - it helps so much to know that I'm not alone on the religious front :) keep the pictures of that adorable little boy coming!

More Dorrs said...

Lori -- we could probably talk for hours about Sunday mornings...I've spent the last few Sunday mornings having some 'me' time. It has been more refreshing than the alternative. And I feel guilty about it -- but that isn't stopping me. I guess I like to live my life in constant turmoil. Keeps it lively.


Rusty Spell said...

Church has been the ultimate screwer-upper of football games, sleeping in, a true day off, late night Saturdays, and reading comics in your pajamas.

Rusty "The Godless One" Spell

The Andersons said...

this is so cute! he is just precious. thanks for your excitement for our journey.

Jennifer said...

I am just catching up on blogs. We have had a hard time finding a church too. Ever since we moved here, we have been doing a "church crawl" hopping around to find one...not quite as fun as a pub crawl, but, well...I feel like we will never find a church we like here!