Thursday, March 12, 2009

Exciting news from friends!

We are so lucky to know these amazing people:

Gladney has hit the jackpot with the addition of Jana and Michael to their in-country staff in Ethiopia. Go to Eyes Towards Ethiopia to read more. We love these guys and are so excited for this big move in their lives!
They are the real deal.

Second bit of exciting news: our friend Susan Isaac's book is out TODAY! I'll be writing more about it in a few days and having a contest where we'll be giving away several copies, but if you can't wait that lo
ng (and I don't think you can), go to any bookstore for your own copy. Go, Susan!

This is what Publisher's Weekly has the say about the book:
"God in couples counseling? Sounds sacrilegious, but in the adept hands of comedian, writer and actress Isaacs, it's a success. Isaacs reached bottom at age 40: no job, no boyfriend, no home. Of course, she blamed God. So off they went to counseling with the ever-patient therapist Rudy. Isaacs moves easily between recounting her life story and her counseling sessions. She describes encounters with the Nice Jesus of her Lutheran upbringing; the "Oakie" Pentecostal church and the militant counselor; the "Rock-n-Roll" church and the "Orthopraxy, Dude" church, plus her rocky acting career and her love life, including guilt-ridden sex and Mostly Mister Right. Isaacs readily admits to being snarky, but she's honest about her quest and its conclusion: "I saw now all too clearly why I had married God: for the power and the glory. For the money." Isaacs goes on a Job-like search for explanations from God, but instead finds the problem to be her. She's funny, biting, earthy and brilliant."

And Don Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz:
"If King David were a woman, and were funny, he'd be Susan Isaacs. And the thing about this book is it surprises you. There are lines in it you won't see coming. You'll be handing this book to somebody else about a month from now thinking, Maybe this will help them understand me. You'll do that because it helped you understand yourself first."

Click here to order your copy through Powells.

Susan teaches Abe the wonders of the juice machine.

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mama becca said...

I can't wait to get the book. I want to win the contest :). And YAY for the funderburks. How cool is that??? I'm a weeeeeee bit jealous!!!