Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where We've Been

Learning about "The Two Germanys" art exhibit with Julie at LACMA. We also are crossing our feet at most times.

Desperately trying not to throw up from walking through this sculpture at LACMA which is supposed to bring a feeling a calm and inner peace. Lori had heart palpitations, got sweaty, and had to leave very quickly before the massive steel walls fell on top of her. Even walking through the room a few hours later brought on nausea and just looking at this photo brings a certain amount of stress. Weird.

Really wishing we had a guitar, or banjo, or ukulele. Just anything with strings would do.

Standing in this line at the DMV to bust the El Camino out of lock-up. Warning to all Los Angelinos: if your car is left on the street for more than 72 hours (even in a perfectly legal spot right in front of your own house), the city is entitled to tow your car. No ticket, no warning, just your friendly neighborhood tow. Welcome to L.A., everyone!

Spending a fair amount of time in the car, chilling with our sock on the freeways.

Practicing our "we're so over it" expressions with the loveable Judah, who is actually younger than Abe.

Astro-turf and monster pillow fest at Chris and Heather's, with several other cute babes.

PS: Yes, we own a 1972 El Camino.


mama becca said...

fun times abound...
and seriously? your car? towed? what?
that won't happen in wilkesboro :).

coffeemom said...

Love the pics!!! I'm getting california spring fever! Missing it...

Stephanie said...

Love that you have an El Camino. It's a car - truck ... a cruck!! Love it!! :)

Great to see a wonderful post. Love the new pictures!

los cazadores said...

Looks like fun. I own an el perro, but not an el camino. Bet that car is cool. I keep asking Craig to buy me a Rambler and then convert it to Willie fuel. So far, this has not transpired.


Julie said...

One girl's Zen is another's, well, not so Zen. So sorry about the Serra. It is so great having you guys here. I see from the photo what you mean about the sock. I heart Abe.

emily said...

Thank you for the p.s- how much do I love an El Camino???

Danni and Tommy said...

We have to get together and play again soon! What are you guys up to the next few weekends? We are mostly free. I have a super cute pic of Abe and Jude hugging I'll send to you tonight.
BTW, I adore every member of your family.

Stacie said...

*WHERE* are the pictures of the cruck? I'm waiting.

Love the pictures you did provide though. :)