Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

We made chocolate heart-shaped cupcakes for Valentine's Day.
That batter is delicious on the spatula...

...ooh, is that some on my sock?

...mmm, tasty chocolate sock batter.

Then we watched this on our Muppet Show Season 2 dvd and figured it's probably the sweetest thing ever recorded.

"I see friends shakin' hands, saying 'how do you do?' They're really saying 'I love you'." That just may be one of my favorite lines ever written.


Stacie said...

Sock batter is the best! Love to the Rooneys!

(Oh - and my fav version of that song is by Joey Ramone. :)

Sara said...

You can't let any chocolate go un-licked. So cute!

Tracy said...

Oh, that is a precious Muppets video, and a precious baby boy you've got, too!

Kitty said...

aw...he's really little! And flexible, too.

That must've been fun to make cookies. I remember times like those growing up. They are so special to a kid. :-)