Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Friend's Dream

Our friend from Cambridge who was planning on spending the holidays with us but never made it due to the shut-down of airports across Europe in December had a dream about Abe. They've yet to meet in person. Here is the dream:

"funnily enough: i had a dream with you all in it last night: abe was non-stop chattering, very articulate,about his "street friends" - homeless people i think; and then he was giving kind of speeches on the corner, sort of very eloquent sermons or something like that...very funny dream, cos he was so small and doing all that stuff and talking away about these people he admired in the street.."

It reminded me of this incident from a couple of years ago when Abe was only a really little guy in a stroller.


Claudia said...

I was wondering if he made it! Sorry that he didn't :(

The Mathews Family said...

Hey, I may have pictures of your daughter. My email is cmathews AT mail DOT com if you want to send me a picture of her. Our girls may have been friends! :)