Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Little Girl

We have this photo of Little Bee in a light blue sweater with fake fur around the collar. The sun is shining on her, lighting up her already lit (from within) face. Her friends are behind her sitting down, as is she. She has her arms wrapped around her but is leaning forward with a big smile. I lean in to the computer screen. I look into her eyes. She looks into mine. An image on a computer screen, taken on New Year's Day 2011.

When will I see you, little girl? I rock your little brother every day. He sits on my lap and snuggles in with his thumb in his mouth, a remnant of babyhood I don't make him let go of yet. I wonder if I'll ever rock you on my lap, little girl with a big smile in a baby blue sweater?

Who are you, little one? I want to know you. For now, I look at your pretty face. I feel like you're looking at me but I know you're not really. It's just those eyes. Those open eyes. I want to reach out and touch the tip of your nose with my fingertip, just a little tap right there on the tip, letting you know that I'm here and looking at you.

Little girl in blue.


Christine said...

Looking forward to the day when you can really reach out and tap that sweet nose.

Gretchen said...

I love this and now feel weepy.