Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It's been 105 days since Gladney called us with news of Little B. We've celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, my birthday, and Valentine's Day.

Some friends are hosting a celebration on Sunday of this little girl. One friend with a daughter about the same age told me today that maybe they could come over soon to look through all the things we have for her already to help us see where we're lacking. We are lacking a court date.

Please if you see me in person, know that I am promising you now to tell you if we have a court date. Maybe I will print the date on a t-shirt and wear it every day. When I hear the question, "So you have you heard anything?" I get a sinking feeling and want to stare out windows.

This post is beautiful. This woman is a very good mother, one I hope to be like. This adoption stuff is an up and down road, for everyone, but maybe least of all for the adoptive parents. I bemoan how slowly this part of the process is progressing. I know I will want to celebrate when we get a court date, but I also know that B might not always want to celebrate this part of her life. Thank you, Sharon, for reminding me of that.


The Redman's said...

I've been thinking of you during this time!

mama becca said...

thinking of you guys. and feeling like i need to do something to get you a court date. of course there's nothing i can do... it's the "needs justice" part of me. but oh wow, i would sell my soul to get you a court date.
love to you all...

Mama Papaya said...

Hoping right along with you.

Claudia said...

oh, that is so tough.

And re: the celebrations - that must have so many extra layers when your child can remember the transitions that they have made. All that said - I'm still hoping tyhat thi is a transition that all of you will get to make very, very soon.

kn said...

What Becca said.

I cannot wait till she is home with you. Me, I cannot wait.

Wish we lived closer.