Tuesday, February 1, 2011


A friend emailed today and said I sounded miserable. I'm really not. I had a potato pierogi earlier today from a Russian bakery near my job and am snacking on a hot toddy and BBQ chips right now so who can be miserable with nourishment like that filling the body?

My world is really surrounded by a lot of beautiful things.

Things like hairy chested pirates.

And lizards stuck in keyholes.

Things like every episode of every season of The Cosby Show being available now live-streaming to netlix members.

Things like having an older friend over for little brother practice.

Things like tonight when Abe leaned over and kissed my cheek and told me I was his favorite. When I asked him how he got to be so sweet, he said, "I don't know. Life just made me that way."

That conversation and BBQ chips go a long way to lift a sad mood.


Us4 Cats said...

nothing like sweet words and sweet chips !! you got that right ;)

and what delicious words from your lil dude.

hope you feel better; clever post too, great photos!

Christine said...

Yo! That lizard looks desperate. I like your mood. It's good to notice the beautiful little/big stuff.

coffeemom said...


Sharon said...

Love that you're still able to appreciate the little things that are so much fun when we take the time to actually see them.

Meg said...

I agree. Salty crunchiness does wonders doesn't it? I'm partial to salt and vinegar potato chips myself... =)

Heather said...

Constantly thinking of all four of you, and sending lots of hugs and positive vibes!!

Evelyn said...

Your son is an amazing soul!

Xander and Alana (but mostly Alana) said...

You seriously just made my day with The Cosby Show thing. OHMIGODOHMIGODOHMIGOD! So exciting!