Monday, February 21, 2011

What We Need to Live

At dinner tonight, we're talking about what happens if one stops eating. In Abe's mind, food=growth, so if you stop eating, you just stop growing. Ted, the pragmatist, tells him that if we stop eating, we will eventually die.

Ted says, "We need air, water, food...and love," followed by a purposely cheesy giggle.

After seeing Rabbit Hole, I have an even deeper appreciation of children remaining firmly planted on yards and sidewalks. I add to the conversation, "And we need not running into streets to stay alive too."

Abe shakes his head as if I'm an idiot. He puts his fork down and says, "Mom. That won't make you die. That will just make you flat."


Ted and I look at each other.

He finishes the conversation by shaking his head with another bite of his dinner, "That's just how life goes."


Meg said...

I'm so glad you are =)recording these profound thoughts and proclamations...just so entertaining and completely adorable. =)

More Dorrs said...

Abe Rooney is one cool cat.

il panettiere... said...

Your kid's right. Flat as a pancake.