Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lit From Within

So I reworked the design of this blog and then pretty much stopped blogging. I don't like when life is this busy. With end of school year events, big projects going on in my job, epic yard sales at our house, trying to get ready to travel to Ethiopia, last minute weekend road-trips and slightly warmer temperatures that draw us outside whenever possible, I seem to have lost that "blogging mojo."

A couple of things from the last couple of weeks:

If you ever get bored during a church service (especially a contemporary, "emergent" one), count the times the pastors say the word "just" during prayers.

If you are ever at our house and get to see photos of this little girl in Ethiopia who we are hoping becomes Abe's big sister, please only remark on how beautiful she is, how lovely her smile is, how gentle her demeanor seems to be, how her eyes sparkle and seem to radiate kindness. Don't look at her picture, lean in and squint your eyes and ask, "What are those bumps on her face?" If you say this, I will get all kinds of crazy "mama-bear" defensive and need to shove down the rage. And by the way, the person who asked this question is a mother herself. Ted thinks she was just curious and didn't have much a filter, that she didn't mean to be a jerk. Can you imagine, though, her asking a similar question to someone who had just brought a baby home from the hospital? I doubt it (at least I hope).

I got to talk on the phone yesterday with a Gladney mom whose little boy is in foster care with Little Bee. She traveled for their court date two weeks ago and got to meet both kids. It seems that all the official updates we get from Gladney about Bee's personality are true. She is "peaceful," "timid," and "kind." She regularly takes care of the smaller kids. She has good friends there and is "all girl" who teases and is teased by her buddies. In the last photo we got from Gladney, she was pretending not to want her photo taken but one of her friends got her giggling. So we have a photo of what she looks like laughing. Laughing. Little girl laughing. Little girl who likes to take care of little brothers. Little timid girl, possibly an introvert like both her new parents. Little "all girl" girl who hopefully likes to braid and put little clips in her mama's hair. Girl. Girly girl. Pretty girl with a face that could launch a thousand ships.

The sun came out this weekend, plus into Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. This is how we felt about it:


Sara said...

Hoping you get to hear those giggles daily very soon.

graceling said...

If it helps, Abigail was born with her hand up, on her face/forehead, which left a series of 4 bruises above her eyebrow.

More than once, I was asked "what happened to her?"... and not in a "oh, is she okay?" way. More in a "seriously, did you drop this kid already?" way.

As if I didn't already feel incompetent.

And JohnAndrew was a little jaundice. When the photographer came to do his newborn shots, she was all, "WOW! He's YELLOW!"

Thanks for mentioning that, lady.

People say the stupidest things sometimes.

I'm sure Little Bee is lovely, and when you can finally post her picture here, I feel confident that none of us will notice any slight imperfections- just her radiance:)

Lily said...

I hope your yard sale went well. I was sorry to miss it. I can't wait to meet Ms. Bee! Your post brought tears to my eyes, as many of them do. Sending love as always.

Kirsten said...

I want to punch that ignorant person, too. And yes, people do make the most insulting/inane/unfathomable comments about newborns, too. I can't tell you how many people said of our girl "what a HUGE forehead! You better hope she grows some hair to cover that thing!". And of my sweet preemie "whats WRONG with her EYES?!" (they are big and blue and beautiful, but with a slightly droopy eyelid). I wish I was exaggerating. This is how being a parent teaches us patience and compassion. I always thought the patience lesson was learned when the kids are tantrum-ing/not sleeping/picky eaters, etc. Where I have been tested the most was by ignorant, rude adults making outrageously inappropriate commentary. Wishing you love and luck as you jump the many hurdles to bring Bee home. P.S. I will always wait for your blogging to resume- my favorite blog ever.

Claudia said...

Noooooo, she DID NOT say that!

I totally agree. Tell me my kid is beautiful, and then MOVE ON.

Meggan Lambesis said...

Hi! I'm another Gladney mom who had court a couple weeks ago and stayed with Suzi at Bejoe's. (unfortunately we didn't pass our first two court dates---hoping to have our MOWA letter on Tuesday for our next court date). Anyway, thank you for your blog posts---I have taken comfort in them as we wait for our two girls. Not very many people get what it feels like to endure this kind of waiting. Praying for you guys and for sweet Bee.



Missy said...

What is wrong with people?!?! My Ruhama has those bumps...and I hate people pointing them out!!!! Ugh. She's not yet two, but I don't want her ever feeling self-conscious about them. Hers are mostly on her arms and stomach, but I have noticed a few have spread to her face. Can't wait to hear those comments....Someone will eventually get punched. :)