Monday, July 18, 2011


Yesterday I started at the top of the house and made my way down. The boys were gone, so it was easy to do that quarterly purge of Abe's room of clothes he's too big for and toys he never plays with. A neighbor with an 18-month old boy came over and took about half of the stuff.

I cleaned everything I saw, including corners sometimes overlooked. I moved things around, cleared closet space, did laundry. I pulled out all the boxes and bags of clothes we have for our daughter. I sorted them into piles: things she can wear now and things she can grow into. I made piles of shirts, shorts, skirts, jeans, and shoes. I hung the dresses up. Oh, the beautiful dresses. I hope she likes dresses. I went through some of the books and toys we may take to Ethiopia for her.

This nesting stuff is tricky. I remember doing the same thing after our referral for our first and then having the rug pulled out from under me a week later with bad news. I put all the baby things into an empty room and shut the door for two months.

So I can't help feeling a little superstitious about nesting for our second.
We're hoping for some good news later this week. It's been a daily change in status for our embassy clearance, but the latest is that once one document with one name moved from the wrong column into the correct column gets delivered to Addis (happening today we hope) and submitted to the embassy, we might maybe hopefully God-willing perhaps get clearance to travel.

When we get the green-light to buy some plane tickets, thanks to all that nesting yesterday, I'll go into the attic and pull out the purple "now" bin of things for our daughter. I think it's all ready.

Maybe perhaps perchance hopefully and God-willing.


Dani Schmidt said...

Praying for that green light Lori!

jen said...

Hoping with you.

Jess said...

hoping and hoping for good news.