Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One Last Raffle For the Road

As you may already know, Ted is an actor. Once upon a time, he had a recurring role that mostly consisted of him mumbling every so often while walking a couple paces behind Sally Struthers, his wife on the show. It's not a role he's particularly proud of, but like any actor, he was grateful for the steady work. After we got married, it was always nice when I'd hear him say, "Gilmore Girls called again."

Interesting factoid: with our first adoption, we had to get a coworker to write a letter of reference for us. I wasn't working at the time, so that left Ted. As a character-actor who rarely worked for longer than a few days at a time on one set, finding this coworker was a challenge. So. We called up Sally to see if she could do it. She did, with the caveat that we promised that she'd get to be Abe's "fairy godmother" once he got home. She and Ted are also from the same hometown in Oregon, and my father-in-law was her teacher in high school. She is a lovely and hilarious person.

Because tickets are, ahem, outrageously expensive right now and because Ted is taking a side-trip up to the north of Ethiopia where Beti is from, we decided to hawk some of Ted's old yearly cast gifts to help lift some of the financial burden of this trip.

We have honestly been "blown away" by the support our friends, family, and cyber-friends have offered us on this road to our daughter so far. Another amazing factoid: the raffle of Autumn's doll several months ago plus the epic yard sale raised enough to pay for all expenses to Addis and back for court. Incredible. That was you, you did that, and we are grateful.

Are you or do you know a Gilmore Girls fan (and come on, everyone does)? These items are not the sort of thing you can find on ebay; each year, cast and crew were given these items as gifts by the writers and producers of the show (Dan Palladino and Amy Sherman-Palladino). The yearly gifts were as unique as the show itself. Just so you know what we're offering here :)

For every $10, your name will be entered once into the drawing to win all three items. Click on the "donate" icon to the right to put your name in the hat.

Item #1

The Luke's Diner plaid flannel shirt.

Back of the Luke's Diner shirt.

Item #2

The Gilmore Girls bowling team shirt

Back of the bowling shirt

Item #3

The Gilmore Girls coffee mug. This is one of those solid, heavy mugs you find in diners, like Luke's.


More Dorrs said...

Sally Struthers wrote your reference letter?!? You guys get cooler every day :).


Christina said...

My co-workers and I have been getting together throughout the school year to watch Gilmore Girls. We are slowly making it through all the seasons. Love it!

nancy said...

Katie loves, loves, LOVES the Gilmore Girls. The writers were amazing in my book. And we're so proud of the fact that Ted was in it too. Icing on the cake for us!

Claudia said...

Gilmore girls was our guilty pleasure while we were in the process of adopting. I can't lie, I loved every minute of that show (well, until series 7 when it just got silly. Seriously? Stay away from Christopher and just marry Luke already, lady). I could not BELIEVE it when I realised that Maurice was actually someone that I KNEW OFF THE INTERNET. He's a talented man, your husband.