Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Why is our daughter laughing so hard?

Because my oldest friend, the famous Uncle Rusty (friends since we were 13), sent her a package in the mail full of They Might Be Giants magical goodness.

I highly recommend all three: Here Come the ABC's, Here Comes Science, and Here Come the 123's. We can't wait to scour all three over and over and over.

Here is Beti watching her favorite one (so far). This is the second time watching it; the first time, she nearly fell off her chair belly laughing. Thank you, Uncle Rusty!


Staci said...

Beti has the greatest laugh ever!

Claudia said...

Oh, how fab! We LOVE TMBG in this house but we don't own any of the kids' CDs.... after this I think I'd better get them! said...

Wow, I am surprised by her english skillz!! I would love to know how that is going be the way! Cute!!

Rusty Spell said...

Uncle Rusty likes this song even more now.