Sunday, March 30, 2008

Abe meets his public

Some long-time L.A. friends of Ted's (and now mine) had a birthday party Saturday night, so it was a fun chance to introduce Abe to a large mass of lovely people. He was a hit. Is it always so fun as new parents to watch people ooh and ahh over you child? I loved seeing him passed around and even mock-fought over a few times. He's the social butterfly who did a fair amount of snuggling, giggling, smiling coyly, and just being all round one of the cutest little guys in L.A. Ted's already talking about getting headshots this week and bringing him along to auditions.

As soon as we came in the door, this happened:

The crowd gathered, and our friend Kerri ended up with top digs. It was her house, so I guess she had a right to the cutest babe in the Valley. I call Kerri the "god of Motherhood," and she's offered to let me sit under her tutelage for a day soon to find out how she produced the three sweetest children I've ever known. That's her youngest looking up at Abe. I need mentors like these. We all do.
Here I am being passed around. The lucky ones get a cuddle.

Oh, the ladies, the ladies!

...and more ladies!

Yeah, I'll tolerate a guy if he offers me a bottle, but just don't take me from my ladies.

Oooh, she's gorgeous! And look at that shiny necklace I get to gnaw on!

I like neighbor Brenda.

Abe made it all the way to 10pm at this party and conked out all night. Sunday morning we got up to go to church, both to worship God and show the babe off.

Pastor Mark is silly! He told us today, "Cling tightly to God, hold loosely everything else." That made Momma cry and she said she's going to put it up on the fridge.

Sunday afternoon, some sweet friends gave us a Welcome Home, Abe party, and we had a blast. Abe hadn't had a nap all day, but he was great anyway. Our hosts had prepared amazing food and a punchbowl with a large bottle of vodka tucked away behind it. We all noticed that half-way through the party, the bottle was nearly gone. Who drinks at a baby shower?! Ah well, we had fun!

Can you believe the hotties who came to my Welcome Home party?

Mmm, she's snuggly and sweet! I love the ladies!

I made her cry. I'm not sure what I did, but she cried anyway. I'm pretty sure I like her lots and want her to move to Oregon so I can play with Ben all the time.

We hope she can trim our hair one day. She gives the best haircuts ever.

This lady mesmerized me with her funny voices. I wanna hang out with her again so she can teach me how to do that.

The ladies love my legs.

All the adoration wore me out. I needed a break already. Daddy lulled me to sleep in the midst of a party.

Mmm...I love Pattie. She's the best.

One of these days, I hope these people hire some bellydancers for another party I get invited to.

Music in my future...?


Chillygator said...

He is such a darling boy! Congratulations!

coffeemom said...

What terrific pictures and what a festive celebration of a weekend! and yes, with the cutest babe in the valley, hands down! Thanks for showing them, you all look SO happy!

Michele G

Natalie Fournet said...

What precious memories and terrific pictures!

InGod'sHands said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I'm so glad that you all are finally together as a family. I know it was a long wait, and I can tell that it was totally worth it by the smiles on your faces. I appreciate all of your comments about the Ayat House (we are strongly considering it and some of the other guest houses). I'm glad that you all had a safe and wonderful trip. Enjoy that cuddle time. Nothing can beat it :). Blessings, Rebecca K.

Jennifer said...

Already a ladies man! What a cutie and he has such great style!
I wish we could come to blog union so we could meet him (and you) in person. Boooooooo!!!!!!
Thanks for posting so many pictures!

Stephanie said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures! And the video. It's just soooo great to see you guys together at last, at home with your friends and family gathered around. Abe is loved by so many. I'm so glad he's finally home.

Sending you tons of love and hugs. Squeezes to Abenezer!

Anonymous said...

Quite the socialite that Abe! Love the picture with Mark. So great to be with you guys and to meet Abe. Wishing you were not heading to Portland so soon, but I am sure it will be great for you to get home.



graceling said...

Abe is such as stud!

Danni and Tommy said...

You had quite a weekend! I'm so sad that I couldn't end up making it. The pics are wonderful and he, and you look so happy and relaxed. Hope to see you guys super soon. XOXO, D

Nicholas said...

Talk about a HAPPY family~ Whoa, you guys all look glorious and crazy in love - what a wonderful start to your new wonderful life together! Lori NH

The Soucys said...

Abe is a total stud muffin! He's so going to be a heart breaker!

The Soucys said...

Abe is a total stud muffin! He's so going to be a heart breaker!

Stacie said...

Oh I love all the pictures! And video! He is so adorable - his smile is priceless! And, I love hearing Abe's thoughts on the parties. :)

emily said...

So enjoyed all of the pictures! Abe is making so many people happy:)

Anonymous said...

OMG Lori! The picture of you, Ted, and Abe is GREAT~! You are BEAUTIFUL! Reminds me of pics of you with my little ones and how sureal to know he's YOURS!!! My turn to babysit!!!! He is PRECIOUS!!! More videos please. ;-)
Cindy in MS