Sunday, March 2, 2008

March Forth!

One of my favorite things about blogging is when we get a comment from someone who's been reading for a while but had yet to make contact. One day last week, I got a comment that made me laugh out loud in pure joy. Here's what it said:
I have been praying for you and thinking of you often-and i haven't even met you! so it is possible to have a relationship w/ people you haven't met :) but i always think of your court date as a command "March FORTH!", with confidence in God leading the way on this journey. just wanted to share that with you!!

This is from the amazing knitter Jody in Virginia, and her comment led to an amazing breadcrumb moment for me. On the flight down to Burbank yesterday afternoon, I was reading the weekend section of The Oregonian and saw an article about a marching band performing Tuesday at the Chrystal Ballroom. I did a double-take and almost laughed out loud again in pure joy as I saw what the name of this "surrealist high energy big band ensemble" is: March Fourth.
You can listen to them here.
(for any of you just joining this twisty tale of our adoption, March 4th is the date for our appeal in the adoption of Abenezer, the child Gladney has matched us with. Everything has been building to this point...though we're trying to prepare ourselves for the possibility of further delays too).

I made it down to Los Angeles Saturday in time for us to go to the evening service at the church we attend here, and it was such a good thing to visit with old faithful friends there. I could hardly make it through one of the songs they sang, a new one by Tommy Walker, the worship leader. Its title, "Hallelujah, We Will Sing," is simple enough, but the words are about my favorite theme in church music: the promise of heaven and the glory found there.

When I was in high school, my pastor told me that I had an "overdeveloped sense of justice." I suppose it's true. I have a hard time letting go of things that seem unfair, which is why the Sermon on the Mount and songs or books about heaven speak to me so deeply: one day it's all gonna be made right. I can let go.

A cried all the way through the beginning of the song:
...He'll judge and make things right.
Turn all the dark to light.
When He splits the eastern sky
With heaven wings I'll fly
And I will say goodbye
To these tears I've cried.
Around his thrown of grace
We'll see Him face to face
With those who've gone before (this line especially gets me)
We'll be apart no more...

So since I couldn't sing anyway through all my tears and ugly-crying-face, I whipped out my camera and took a video of the chorus, which you can see by clicking here. I needed this song and this moment.

We're waiting for Tuesday morning. I have a strange peace. This can only be God. Thank you thank you thank you a thousand times for all your continued prayers. We're trying to prepare ourselves for every possibility. I know God is good. That fact is my "constant" (you Lost fans will get that reference...sorry for the foray into dorkiness).

Speaking of...I'll leave you with a few seconds of our afternoon today at Venice Beach. Ted has never been able to resist the funk.


Anonymous said...

Lori -

Ted can really bring in da funk. hey! How long are you in LA? Do you have time tog et together?


Melissa said...

Why don't I ever get to see this version of Ted?!!?!!

I'm so glad that you're doing so well and being so strong. That's amazing. Yes of course I got the "constant" reference. The anticipation is rising as March Forth arrives closer. I'm praying for you still and constantly!

Mollie said...


All of it.. but most especially that super snazzy spin Ted does at the end of his seizure. .I mean Dance! lol

Mollie said...
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Lizard said...

Go white boy...GO!! are such a good wife! My husband can only dance in the house with curtains drawn.

Praying for tomorrow...I'm on the edge of my seat!!

Stacie said...

There is no question why you married that man - he is hilarious! When we come to OR to visit my sis (in Eugene) we must meet up!

March Fourth! It's tomorrow, so I'm thinking of you and praying all day long. I can't tell you how I long to hear good news from court.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Go Ted!!
I met your nephew, such a sweet young man.

emily said...

Love the Lost reference and Ted dancing. My kids have watched it multiple times.

I am encouraged by the peace that could only come from Him. Praying for you and trusting in His goodness for your family. Know that all things are for our good and His glory.

Amy B. said...

Thinking of you guys. Good to hear you made it down to L.A. alright...and are seemingly having a good time (if Ted's dancing is any indicator :)

Talk to you tomorrow,


Dan, Misty & Ashar said...

It's way too funny how many times I have heart that "constant" thing referenced in the past week. Gotta love Lost fans! Just wanted to let you know that you are on my heart and in my prayers today. I am so thankful that God is your peace and stability. Bless you and your hilarious husband!

Lauren said...

I have been thinking about you guys as you wait for your new court date. Jer 29:11 :-) God Bless and praying for you.


Farmboy and Buttercup said...

Thanks for whipping our your camera during church. Loved the snippet of the song. Love to see others worshiping all around this country.


OK, the funk was great, too....

mama becca said...

"overdeveloped sense of justice?"
Hmmm... I reckon that's what Jesus had too, so you're on the right track :).
Praying with a huge knot in my stomach. March FORTH!!!

Unknown said...

It's March 3rd! I'll be praying extra hard all day and into the night for fantastic news!

Angie said...

March Fourth!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love how we are all in this crusade together. It rocks!

Anonymous said...

Delurking to say congratulations.

graceling said...

Can I just say that Ted dancing with his T-shirt tucked into his jeans was just the 2nd best moment of my day?


Annie said...

Ok, so here I am reading Sunday's post and loving this video....I loved all the photos of you two over the years (a post from a week or two ago)...and it made me think of what a treat it will be for Little Abe with you as his parents!!I just got this huge smile thinking of it:) You guys are so much fun and truly enjoy life...I LOVE IT!!!!

LISA said...

How funny!! Ted and Shawn need to have a dance off.They both have the same moves! LOL!