Thursday, June 5, 2008


I'm not sure what your world looks like today, but mine is depressing, chilly and grey. Gross. I made the mistake of going to the seedy end of town this afternoon to check out a thrift store I'd heard good things about. Word to the wise: don't go to thrift stores in Portland if the weather sucks. The whole experience is depressing. As my friend Susan said about thrift stores, "they smell of dust, BO and failure." Oh boy. Yep. Despite finding a cool wooden toy for Abe that was only $2 and a cashmere sweater for $7, the experience left me feeling gross.

So I came home and turned on Ben Folds, loudly. It's tough for this song not to improve one's mood:

Distorting my child's face with the handy use of iphotobooth is also a nice mood-lifter.

We're escaping the grey for sunny Southern California tomorrow. I've heard it never rains there, right? We'll see how it goes flying now with a squirrelly eleven-month-old who has discovered high-pitched banshee screeching, which he practices between the 745 times he says "keeeee" (kitty) and "bye-bye" every day.
(the subject line here is Abe's contribution to this post, proof of his squirrelliness and adeptness at grabbing the keyboard).


Ronnica said...

I don't like going to thrift shops because of the smell.

Stephanie said...

So ... his really goofy faces aren't quite goofy enough already!? LOL! What a horrible picture! -- But thanks for the song. I wonder what tangerines would do to my hair - probl'ly wash out in the rain, whatever the results would be.

I heard the other day that we have FIVE seasons in these here parts. We have summer, fall, winter, spring, and second winter. Believe it or not, I got some of my worst sunburns at Rose Festival - this year you'd need a snorkle!

Gretchen said...

I hear you about thrift stores. NOT the place to go when the weather isn't cooperating. Unless, of course, you prefer the smell of dust. mold and b.o. THEN it's perfect.

The picture of Abe makes me laugh out loud. LOVE him.

Carrie said...

We expect Abe to be saying "Carrie" and "Rusty" before we arrive at your doorstep.

Autumn and Dan's family said...

You are lucky to be feeling some sunshine right now! I was sick all week and I was sure the cure was sun, but noooooooooooo. I'm sorry we didn't get to see you before you left. What thrift store did you go to?