Saturday, June 21, 2008

Insight from Lynch

Didn't David Lynch say something once like "pay attention when things happen in 3's"? Any fellow Twin Peaks fans out there might be able to remember him explaining how he pays attention to the recurrence of numbers and things that look like mistakes actually being much more (i.e. the casting of Frank Silva as Bob). Please excuse the weird grammar in the previous sentence. I'm too tired to figure out how to fix it.

Nerdiness aside: We had an occurrence of 3 in the last 24 hours.

Part of Ted's direction of
Taming of the Shrew was to set it in Italian-American Brooklyn, mobster era. When two men cross each other on stage for the first time, they'd say in slight Joey Tribbiani style, "How you doin'?" (but as man to man, not man to hot girl). It works. It gets a laugh every time.

On Thursday, Angie and Noah gave Abe a fa
ntastic onesie with a logo for "Pudgie Louie's Boxing Club, Brooklyn." We love it. It makes Abe look tough, despite his pudgy belly.

Today, Abe was wearing this hipster ones
ie in Trader Joe's in our neighborhood in Portland when we heard a voice behind us say, "Hey, how you doin'?" The guy was talking to Abe, had not seen the Brooklyn Boxing Club onesie. He'd just come over to say 'hi' to a cute baby. I asked him where he was from: Brooklyn. And he's Italian. He works with kids and told me that he teaches them all to say "How you doin'?" plus "Get outa heah!"

What are the chances? What would Lynch say? What am I supposed to be paying attention to? How many of you are going to stop reading this blog now that you know what a geek I am
(and a Twin Peaks-geek at that--Ted even took me to the Snoqualmie Falls area on our honeymoon so that I could track down the Double R Diner, the Sheriff's Station, the Great Northern Hotel, The Roadhouse, and Big Ed's Gas Farm, a day that was one of the giddiest of my life...many photos were taken, one new husband never once ran screaming from the freak that is his wife).

And because I know you're all dying to see the pictures:Ted was excited to see the sheriff's station. He wore his most special t-shirt for the occasion.

Lori poses somberly in front of the Double RR, thinking about all those "meals on wheels" shut-ins.

Double points: Big Ed's Gas Farm right next to Ed and Nadine Hurley's house, with that infamous window with the silent drape runners.

Snoqualmie Falls (that paper in my hands: printed online research I'd done on finding all these places, essentially our treasure map)

And because I am very, very loved, a couple of years later, we stayed at Salish Lodge (aka "The Great Northern"). This was the view from our room: the top of those famous falls. Amazing.


emily said...

Yeah! I'm a fellow twin peaks fan too!!! and i get to be the first to comment on your sweet post!!! yeah!!!
My sister got engaged at Snoqualmie Falls (she was the one who introduced me to Twin Peaks and I am forever grateful). I love Cooper, I love Audrey! And yes, I remember the thing about the 3s..... just can't say what specifically he said again....
Anyways, this entry only makes me like you more, not less.

Autumn and Dan's family said... are the coolest. I've been to the Goonies house though. I'm in the middle of the second season and I forgot how GREAT Twin Peaks is.

Gretchen said...

That's it. I'm never going to read your blog again. SO EMBARRASSING!

By the way- I heart your pants! SO CUTE!

Blog Shmog said...

I have no idea what Twin Peaks is but I love the wolf t-shirt. :) You guys are funny...and fun.

Stacie said...

The wolf shirt returns! I was so missing it! And, you are a geek, but that is why we love you. And, if they had a town I could visit that had all the landmarks from Northern Exposure, I would go. (Maybe they do?) Twin Peaks is too scary for me. Maybe I'm the real geek here?

Angie said...

Glad you like the onesie and that it makes Abe look tough! :)

You guys are hilarious.

Rusty Spell said...

Maybe this is the quote you're thinking of, from Dale Cooper: "When two events occur simultaneously pertaining to the same object of inquiry we must pay strict attention."

The "three" line that occured to me was something like "Don't you know that magic comes in threes?" but that is from the Prydain books from Lloyd Alexander. (Of course three is a magic number a lot, especially in fairy tales.)

If you like Twin Peaks, you could either be (1) a dork or (2) someone who is artistic or appreciates art. And usually not both. So I pick #2 for you.