Monday, June 23, 2008


New word: All morning, Abe has been saying "Wooow!" nonstop. As I sit here at the computer, he's crawling around with his favorite toy in one hand, a toothbrush, proclaiming Wooow wherever he goes. He ignores the huge basket of toys in the other room, preferring to play with his toothbrush, one of my Nikes, and the laundry basket. This has entertained him for the last half hour.

I just managed to get a video of his amazing articulation of the word "wooow" which I hope to post in the next day (yep, forgot the cable again in Los Angeles, but Ted is bringing it home to Portland this afternoon). We're super-excited about Uncle Rusty and Aunt Carrie coming to visit us tomorrow, for a whole week. I can't wait to see what words, songs, and tricks they teach our Abe.


Anonymous said...

i know what i'm getting you for extra cable! :)

coffeemom said...

Great word! THat's the one, or a version thereof, that we are working on teaching Gabriel... wow wowo wow to sub for that scream.

Rusty Spell said...

Aunt Carrie and I are trying to extend it to "Wowa wee wow!" (Hi, Lori! We're on our coastal trip--see you tomorrow!)