Monday, December 29, 2008

A Rooney Christmas

Because of the awful weather for the first two or so weeks in December, we had the chance to hang out with our neighbors a lot. During the summer, we tend to congregate in the street for all the kids to play, but we usually don't see so much of each other when the weather gets wet. It was a lot of fun during the holidays to meet up for impromptu sledding gatherings and visit each other's houses for "Winter Solstice" parties and a "Fishmas" party (yes, it was fish-themed).

I found it funny that when we walked into the Fishmas party, the gaggle of kids already there ran up to us to whisk Abe away while shouting to the host, "Abie is here! Abie is here!" Ted and I, as parents and grown-ups, are officially invisible to the neighborhood kids. It's all about the Abie-baby.

At this same party, I ended up in the kitchen with two other moms and got to experience for the first time the excitement all parents feel about preparing gifts for their kids. The party was on the 23rd, so these two moms were whispering excitedly about all the last-minute things they had to do to get ready for Christmas morning. From a birds' eye view, we were three heads pushed together, conspiring over cups of fizzy blackberry holiday ale. Of course, I got teary, aware of the moment, thankful for being a part.

On Christmas Eve, we hosted an impromptu gathering of the Portland family since everyone was snowed in. We went to a Christmas Eve service and then met at our house for food and drink, most importantly, this Christmas miracle that Ted brought:

Ted had stopped by a neighborhood liquor store for rum for the eggnog and found Becherovka, my beloved Czech herbal liqueur. Mm, mm, mm. It has been very difficult to find this in the U.S., so I am officially thrilled that a continuous supply is in walking distance to our house.

The good thing about having the people around is the constant supply of book readers for Abe. Here, Chris reads Abe his new book from Aunt Annie and Uncle Paul. Thanks, guys!

Abe has no idea what presents await him, doesn't even get the concept of presents, but no matter: he's ready to get this show on the road.

Christmas morning, Ted tries on his new PJs. Abe much prefers the Grinch to Santa. Santa is bad, bad, bad. Abe has major Santa-issues, does not like him one bit.

After opening all his retro fischer-price toys from us, the big prize is brought out: the rocking horse from Granny.

And somehow, on cue, it started snowing again in the afternoon, so thick that getting pictures was difficult.

Everyone came back over for a big Christmas Day dinner. Here, Ted is telling the story about the day he fooled his poor mother into thinking he'd joined a cult. It is truly a great story. I should've recorded it.

I'll leave you with this clip of Abe on his new "woah-woah" (phone) rocking out to Bob Dylan singing "This ole Man" from a CD my mom sent.


Amy B. said...

Love the video! It is can see on his face that he REALLY wants to talk on that phone, but the music is just too demands the air guitar!


mama becca said...

I'm happy to see all your Christmas cards taped to the wall :).
Still jealous of your snow :(.
Abe is amazing at the air guitar... such talent...

Karen said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!

Blog Shmog said...

I would love to taste some of that herbal liqueur Lori dear. :)

Eryn said...

What fun CD has that song on it? That sounds like some kid music I can get behind (veggie tales and the like make me want to go CRAZY).

I kind of want the Bare Naked Ladies kids cd...but not yet sure if grammy will approve of me letting my kiddos listen to a group called Bare Naked Ladies...maybe she doesn't have to know.

Christie said...

I just had to comment. I lived in the Czech Republic for a while, and Becherovka is like Christmas in a bottle. I love that stuff.

I will now scour every liquor store I come to until I find some.

Nicholas said...

What a great time it looks like! I wish I was neighborly! And I love all the awesome bungalows in your neighborhood! My favorite style home!!! You're not far from here are you??? What, like 3k miles!? Coffee, tomorrow?

Abe does look confused and decides that dancing and rocking out the air guitar is more important than any phone conversation! At least he didn't hang up on the person! He's very polite! ;)