Sunday, July 12, 2009

Milestone for mom

What will I do without these two boys? I leave in a couple of hours for my first solo trip since being Abe's mom. It started out as a four-day trip but I took a day away when I started to really imagine four long days with no cuddle, no last peep at the sleeping boy before I fall asleep, no...oh boy, I'm getting sentimental.

Wish me luck.


emily said...

Have fun and enjoy it! I have found that the anticipation is often worse than the actual being apart. You will be dying to return though for sure!

Anonymous said...

My senitments exactly. Have a great time Lori.
Your neighbor Linda

filoli said...

Oh no, it is a good milestone for mom though...and you will have fun. I hear that there are tubs o' margaritas in Colorado - and with the altitude that should make it even more fun.

Eryn said...

I am so jealous that you get to hug Courtney in person! Give her one for me...and mommy retreats are sooo good for refueling your soul to love more generously and bringing peace to your home. Have a wonderful time!