Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I wash Abe every night because as a two-year-old, he gets very dirty, and also, his feet stink like all get-out in this one pair of leather sandals that he wears most days. Tonight after he got out of the bath and wrapped up in his towel, he sat on my lap and snuggled. He snuggled, with his head nestled into the crook of my neck, thumb in mouth, for twenty minutes. He hummed the entire time.

I'd ask him if he wanted to do something else, and he'd always say 'no'.

"You want to snuggle?"

"I snuggle," said in that slurred way of the thumb still in mouth.

So we snuggled. He'd close his eyes to hide from me. I'd ask where Abe went every time he closed his eyes. He'd open them and giggle.

Finally, I said, "I love Abey."

"I like you too, Mom."


Ladybugs appear said...


Julie said...

Oh Abey.

Eastiopians said...


Jill said...

oh, so precious. it won't last forever, so enjoy it while you can. peyton who has always been my snuggliest, barely ever wants to snuggle anymore. when she does, i am all over it.

Stacie said...

Sweet, sweet boy.

Gretchen said...

Now THAT is heartwarming.

Sara said...

How sweet.

Our post-bath routine currently involves a game of how-fast-can-mama-put-on-the-lotion-before-the boy-wiggles-free.

Eryn said...

LOVE 2 year old snuggles. They are the best!