Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Make the World Better

We have been taking a day to do laundry, catch up on the newspapers that have been stacked up, sleep later than usual, eat fried egg sandwiches and sweet potato casserole. In about an hour, Abe and I are driving up to Mount Hood to join Ted who is up there working. Should be interesting. We may be out of range until tomorrow night, with no internet connection (gasp), so I'm doing today's post early.

Our friends Dani and Tommy and Judah have put together a book to raise money for wells in Africa. It would make a fantastic Christmas gift. Abe and a few other blogging kids are featured in the book. Maybe my favorite thing about the book is the Amharic phrases, even written phonically so you can pronounce them correctly. I highly recommend it. Make the world better: go get a few of these books.

You can order some by clicking here.


Unknown said...

I just want to say thank you for all your great advice for traveling to Addis. I have printed out your Ayat House information and your packing hints. We are leaving on Saturday and staying at Ayat house.

Thanks! Megan


Stacie said...

It's on our Christmas list for Micah. I didn't even know cute Abe was in it! :)