Friday, November 13, 2009

Of Interest Lately

In no order:
1. This pile of candy, brought by our most recent houseguests, all the way from Austria and Slovakia. Of particular interest to me is the little "Mozart ball" right in front which has several layers of sweets, finishing with marzipan in the middle, a flavor Ted hates. More for me. 2. This pile of books, one of the many scattered through the house. There's also the pile I have put on hold at the library. I'm not actually reading any of these yet, I should add. I just look at them longingly and don't get to them because... 3. ...Abe likes to read too but rarely wants to look at them by himself, which means that we sit for long stretches reading his books. I don't mind too much because I'm super interested in browsing the children's section at our library. A huge indulgence is to go by myself, like I did this week. 4. Figuring out the most effective way of teaching a few old men in my "advanced ESL class" who are pre-literate and write like this: 5. As always, New York City. Recently, an opportunity has come up to stay there for about a month during the holidays, which we're considering (but not really seriously). Photoblogs like this one make me want to think more seriously about it.

6. Food. This place is one of my favorites, and I love reading their blog. This couple is soulful soulful soulful. I look at their blog right before bed and get the urge to bake cookies.

7. Abe's answer to us instructing him to stop doing something: "I will not do it." And he immediately stops the offending action. His language development very much interests me.

8. This guy, I'm really interested in this guy:9. Flossing.

10. This CD and the stories behind each song, all about the various Portland characters buried here in this cemetery, The Lone Fir.11. My Parents Were Awesome, where you can find photos like this:

I'm sure there are more, but Abe is now sitting on my lap asking to watch movie trailers, his newest interest.


coffeemom said...

Now I want a cinnamon roll, just like those!

Emma said...

New York Rocks. I spent half my life there and now I am stone's throw away. I hear Portland is pretty cool too though.

Rebecca said...

I feel like I need to visit Portland. Your blog often makes me feel that way.

I'm loving the "My Parents Were Awesome" blog. And, I'm thinking of submitting a picture...