Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yard Day

A sunny day in November means yard work with dad. Wearing an old hat of mom's helps.
Interesting timing after my post yesterday to find this article today. Thoughts? Check 1, 2, 3, is this thing still on?


Rebecca said...

Abe looks super cute. As always!

I like the article. I have heard a family member in the past say "Oh, that happened because they're adopted" more than once. I used to bite my tongue - now, not so much. It's amazing this old attitude still exists. Hopefully, our generation will be the one to snuff it out.

Kristi said...

darling pics of Abe

coffeemom said...

Lori, Don't shoot me. I just linked to you w/ the "krafty blogger" award thing. It's like a tag. YOu know it means I love the blog. I know everyone else already does too...but well, it's that hat. How can I not, w/ a pic of that boy in that hat?? Too cute. go see my blog to get the rules if you want to opt in.