Saturday, February 6, 2010


Thursday morning, as we got out of the car for the Thursday ESL class of senior Africans, we saw Zerabruk standing on the other end of the parking lot, a little bewildered. We just moved locations, and I think he wasn't sure how to get inside. He was standing there, in his hooded jacket and cute glasses like always, and I could see the sparkle in his eye from pretty far away (what is it with these African grandparents and their sparkly eyes?).

He saw us getting out of the car and waved. I waved back, and Abe took off running towards him. Zerabruk said, "Abenezer!" and held out both of his arms towards the tiny Ethiopian running full-speed his direction. Zerabruk swooped Abe up in his arms, hugging him and saying, "IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou," one of his best English phrases. He then carried Abe inside, following behind me as I led the way in to the class.

Sometimes a simple "I love you" and bear hug can over-ride any language barrier.


Jill said...

love the phrase "tiny Ethiopian running..."

Bridget said...

beyond beautiful.

Jess said...

this fills my heart!