Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Clever Commercials from the UK

This commercial we saw in Ireland cracked me up:

Here's an ad for...well, just watch. I have no idea what the connection is with the product, but it's well done anyway and makes me happy:

This one probably makes me laugh hardest, though those of you with kids might want to screen it first.

Hope this was a fun mid-week distraction for you. Any favorite commercials of yours?


Anonymous said...

WE are going to see Genesis at the Hollywood Bowl and now I will be doing it with that ape commercial in my head.

Pattie VZ

Anonymous said...

ahh these are great! I especially like the Gorilla one. Thanks Lori for the distraction. Your blog is always a nice break from writing papers on friday nights!

-Niece Whitney

Jana said...

Michael and I are really pleased with the gorilla commercial.