Thursday, October 25, 2007


I think it may have been the several nights of bad sleep mixed with the abrupt change in weather, but I'm sick--so sick that I came home a day early from Jackson. The sleep deprivation and snotty nose turned me into a beast I didn't want to subject anyone else to those last 24 hours (well, besides Ted, of course). I came home and slept 10 hours and feel slightly better. All I have to offer blog-wise is this video, which isn't so bad really considering the state of things:

Thanks, for the gossipy cats. And thanks to the writers of last week's Office episode for making me cry today (anyone know what part I'm referring to?). And thanks, tivo for enabling me to watch all the shows I miss. I love you, technology. I'm off now to drink Nyquil.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Lori. I'm sorry to hear that you're sick. I hope you feel better soon.

Those kitties are soooo cute. My cats talk to me that way sometimes. Too bad our two cats aren't lovey with each other. They enjoy ripping each others faces off .. thankfully there are no claws. :)

Feel better, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon. TIVO, snuggly cats and Nyquil sound like the perfect combination for what ails you.


Anonymous said...

Oh, bummer to come home sick, but nice to be in your own home and bed. Get lots of rest and hope you feel better soon!

Jana said...

Hope you're on the mend! :)

Anonymous said...

It's MY FAULT!!! I made you stand outside in the cold and watch the band!!! I feel bad! I'm sick now. really. I am sure you're better now, but I am SO SORRY!!