Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yaw's Top Notch Song

Please forgive the two posts in one day, both about nothing of importance.

Ted occasionally makes up songs when the situation inspires him, like yesterday as we were driving to have a genuine Yaw's Top Notch burger with Mr. Ed.

Here's a glimpse into the life our future child has to look forward to, a life with a soundtrack by Ted:

"Gonna get some burgers.
Gonna suck 'em on down.
Gonna have some french fries.
Gonna make me frown.
Cause it gives me a tummy ache, tummy ache
Makes me wanna puke it up five hours later
It's called Fast Food..."

Oh, the brilliance!


Amy B. said...

Your Ted reminds me of my Christopher's crazy songs. He has a unique way of cracking the kids up with his crazy songs. I'm sure your little one will get a kick out of Ted's too :)The commercials gave me a good laugh. Thanks for brightening my day...thanks for the PG rating...I waited till the kids were in bed :) Amy

Jana said...

brilliant, no doubt.