Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tagged Again

Jana, one of my favorite bloggers, tagged me a few days ago. Without further ado:

Jobs I've had:
*Preschool assistant director (less than a year)
*ESOL teacher (six years)
*Coffee-server at Jody's in Hattiesburg, MS (one year)

Places I've lived:
*Jackson, Pearl, and Hattiesburg, Mississippi
*Euless, Texas
*Los Angeles, California
*Kosice, Slovakia

Places I'd rather be right now:
*Having Ted show me his stomping grounds in New York, and then meeting this guy and following him around for a day while he takes pictures in the subway.
*Having a ruby and tots at Kennedy School
*Talking to my sister while sitting in her driveway, drinking in the humidity
*Smelling the lavender in Hvar, Croatia, minus all the rich tourists that have taken over the place in the last few years.
*Sitting in a dark movie theater watching The Bourne Supremacy or Feast of Love.
(These were actually sort of hard for me to think of--I am kind of sick of travel and am really digging fall in Portland)

Food I love:
*The mix of these flavors: cilantro, coconut, peanut, red pepper
*Fresh pasta swimming in olive oil and basil with pecorino and pine nuts
*Cajun/Creole--gumbo, crawfish bisque, beignets, etc.
*Grits--salt, pepper, butter, egg, maybe cheese
*Key lime pie
*Bryndzove pirohy so slaninou
*Tater tots and Ruby ale from Kennedy School
*Ice cream with crunchy bits
*Home-grown beefsteak tomatoes with salt, pepper, and fresh mozzarella
*Fried okra
*Sweet potato casserole
*Granny's beef brisket and cofffeecake
*Guiness beef stew from McDermott's Pub
I must now stop thinking about food...

TV Shows I Love:
*Little House on the Prairie
*The Office (both UK and American)
*Lost (first two seasons)
*Twin Peaks
*The Comeback (so sad it ended)

Movies I Love:
*The Royal Tenenbaums
*Lost in Translation
*Office Space
*Les Miserables
*Fiddler on the Roof
*Waking Ned Devine
*The Jungle Book
*In America
*Breakfast at Tiffany's

Books I Have Loved in the last Year:
*She Got Up Off the Couch (Haven Kimmel)
*All Over But the Shoutin' (Rick Bragg)
*Searching for God Knows What (Donald Miller)
*The Confederacy of Dunces (John Kennedy Toole)
*Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim (David Sedaris)

Who I'm Tagging:
Susan, Carey (cause really, you have nothing better to do, right?), Erin


Jana said...

Shucks. You're one of my favorite bloggers TOO! prolly 'cause you like all my stuff, and I like myself a whole lot. :)

Lord, you food list is so....visceral. I'm really hungry now; thanks.

Places in the Heart--totally agree with your comments--Michael loves it even more because it was filmed right where he's from (Waxahachie area). It's a beautiful film. And I love Sally Fields.

Thanks for doing this!

Jana said...

also....Arrested Development is greatness. That Buster dude went to Samford in Birmingham, which is where my brother went to college. Anyway, I think I would giggle uncontrollably if I met him. That would be so fun.

Lori said...

Yeah, it was cool to meet him. And some friends in SoCal are long-time friends of his, so when I walked into their living room and looked on their mantle, there was a framed group photo shot in NYC with "Buster."

Drew Carey Show said...

Hooray, I've been tagged! I truly feel like a bona-fide blogger! Okay, I'm wiped, but I'm on this tomorrow for sure. I'll have to come up with some lies to make me sound interesting...

Amy B. said...

I forgot about Lost in Translation when I was making my list. I love that movie. The treadmill scene cracks me up every time. Amy

Meredith said...

We have so much in common. Our love of cilantro, sweet potato casserole, and Breakfast at Tiffany's. When I saw that you had lived in Pearl I remembered going there a lot with my Millsaps college roommate and eating at BJ's Wings and Things after our adventures in Hudsons. Ever been there?

Lori said...

Have spent hours and hours (days maybe?) in Hudsons but never this BJ's Wings and Things. Will check it out next time I'm there (though I'm not a big fan of wings).

neola said...

ooh! tell me when you see Feast of Love. i literally hollered out, "that's my coffee shop!"

(during the many scenes in which the MS Fresh Pot makes appearances)

Jocelyn said...

I just came across your blog from Drew and Carey's...I forgot about Little House on the Prairie. I loved Charles and poor poor Mary:-)

I will have to start watching your blog now for that referral! I got mine about a week after Drew and Carey...just wait, it is the most amazing feeling ever!!

Anonymous said...

I have tried to not comment. But I must. :)

Grits! Yes! We like it just the same! I tend to put loads of salt and pepper in mine and then let it take a "dip" in some butter. Yummmmm.

I think I'm having breakfast soon!

My Granny makes this AWESOME Squash casserole. It has the yellow squash, onions and lots and lots of cheese. Mmmmm. I miss that! My hubby won't eat it, so I only get it on my visits to her. With her cracklin' cornbread - or plain cornbread. They're both just heavenly!

Aww. Complete Southern home cooking. How I miss ya. I have adapted mine to living up North. I get back to my roots as often as I can though. :)

Still not a loon... :)

Jana said...

i'd forgotten about "in america." such a great film!!! i should put it in my favorites, too.