Sunday, June 1, 2008

Abe Updates, Unicef

I keep having dreams about rescuing Abe from various situations like being locked inside a car or being in the midst of a crowd that a sniper is shooting at. I look at him while he's sleeping and think that I believe I understand that adage about a mother walking around with her heart outside of her body. I think it might be true that our children could break our hearts more than anyone else. It's a scary, crazy amount of love. I'm not saying anything new here. These things I've heard about parenthood just keep hitting me in new ways every day.

A few Abe-updates:

He still eats pretty much anything I give him (excluding squash), though his tastes are becoming more discriminating, as seen here in his reaction to the peas and carrots I fed him yesterday.

He has moved out of those little brown giraffe shoes and into his big, yellow giraffe shoes. I also think that today might be his last time wearing our favorite stripey sweater outfit, which is a 3-6 month size. He looks big in pictures, but he's still a pretty little guy. We're on now to 9 month clothes. I did feel sad retiring the brown shoes though. Sigh.

Abe says a few words already. He has his version of "kitty cat," plus "Ma" for either Ted or me. Last week, he perfected "bye," which I think is the cutest thing I've heard in my life. What we're sure he understands best is "good," never used with peas but always with yogurt or anything sweet. He lets us know what he likes and doesn't like. Today, he proclaimed my lentils "goo," and ate two bowls of them. Weird.

Yesterday, he met his Grampa Rooney for the first time...

...and made this face at him for a long while. This is the same face he made meeting me and Ted for the first time too:Finally, I can't stop thinking about all the Gladney families out there in process. Grace seems to have explained what's going on very clearly over at All These Reasons, and we'll be joining in the Day of Prayer this Tuesday. Please go leave her a comment if you'd like to join the ranks.

Also, here's a link to information about what UNICEF is doing for the children at risk due to the drought in Ethiopia. They are making a call for more donations as the situation is extremely dire.


graceling said...

I love that first picture of you and Abe together! Too sweet!

mama becca said...

sweet Abe :). Squash is gross, Sam agrees.
love to you all...

Gretchen said...

Intense dreams, Lori dear. I'll have to write about one of mine sometime- yours makes me think you are an amazing protector... ready and willing to jump as high as necessary for your little guy. He's safe in your arms- just keep hugging him and loving him and doing what you're doing.

Stacie said...

Abe is quite verbal huh? Smart boy. I love that he says "goo" - that is too cute.
Thanks for posting about UNICEF. I'm going to donate in honor of my Dad for Father's Day. I think he'll like that. Especially since he bought a goat from Oxfam for my Stepmom for Mother's Day. :)

jen said...

I know how you feel about moving onto a new pair of shoes. Sam had the cutest little frog shoes when we first came home. Now he's into bull dog shoes, still cute but not quite the same. Abe is so cute. And, I love your high chair.
take care,

Carrie said...

My mom told me that she read somewhere that babies/kids have to try eating something/be exposed to it ten times before they get used to it and like it. So give Abe the squash ten times and he will love it like I do and he will not be Rusty, who doesn't.

Squash! For your health!

rebekah said...

Just introducing myself - found your blog somehow as these things go the other day and took the time tonight to really read it. Just wonderful - by the way, I allow my 3 yr old to play with the tray table on airplanes if the seat-in-front-of-us occupant chooses to recline. I have no choice, right? It's a personal space issue.

We returned from Addis early April with our little one, who I think is a few months younger than your little one. It was neat for me to read through your journey which was just before ours. (except for your court issue - blech! must have been tough)

So, I added you to my reader, looking forward to more.