Saturday, June 28, 2008

Come and Knock on Our Door

There is nothing like waking up from a blissful good night's sleep (so very rare) to a warm Portland Saturday morning spent finding amazing deals at yard sales with a pit stop at Stumptown for iced-espressos and a final stop at Freddy's for their 50% off sale on summer clothes. Summer in Portland, when we're all together and especially when guests are around, is total euphoria for me.

My mom was commenting to me last week about the revolving door that our summers are and wondering if it's tiring for me. It's actually not at all. Every summer since we've been married, we've had pretty much constant house-guests. This is what Buddy thinks of the summer weather and fresh dirt in the yard.

We really love showing people around Portland, and last week--can't remember the day as they all run together in the summer--we took Rusty and Carrie to Multnomah Falls with a stop first at the Vista House.
Abe inside the Vista House.

We got to Multnomah Falls and decided to go on all the way up to the top, a hike I'd always wanted to do but hadn't yet. It's only a mile but it's a pretty steep climb, and we were happy that R and C were game.
(this photo to the right was taken in the same place that we "sledded" down on our tushies last winter when it was all frozen over).

Proof that we all made it to the top

The view from the top of the falls. Really beautiful, and a little scary.

Dad's hilarious "trail banter" on the way down helped to put Abe to sleep. I made Ted strap the whole jogger to his belt and no pointing was allowed the whole way down--both hands on the babe at all times. That narrow path and steep drop-off were slightly scary.

Here we are the bottom of the falls. Rusty is my oldest friend in the world (we met when we were 13), so later that evening over dinner outside on the lawn at Edgefield, I got all weepy (imagine that) talking about our friendship, how proud I am of him, of where he is in his life and mostly how amazing it is that he and Carrie have found each other.

A favorite story people tell about Boy-Wonder-Rusty is the time that our friend Jessica met Rusty's mom Ava for the first time. She said, "Oh! So you're Rusty Spell's mother? Congratulations!" Well, when we got home from our trip to the falls, I checked my voice-mail and had a message from this very same Jessica. She was in Oregon for a wedding (they live in Mississippi)! Amazing. I called her back and handed the phone to Rusty while it was still ringing just so I could hear her scream through the phone.

The next morning, Jessica rented a car and high-tailed it from Eugene to Portland for a mini-high school reunion.
We're the best, can't you see? We're the class of '93!

The next day, R and C headed out for a few days to the Oregon coast, and we got the chance to meet Joy and her two sweet girls. What a sweet, kindred spirit that Joy is, especially about understanding the pitfalls of being an introvert. Oh, and she feeds her girls green beans for a snack! The Rooneys think that is way-cool.
Finally, we also took Abe for his 12-month check-up, and he's made his way up to the 12th percentile for weight (that's up from the lower 3%). Our boy likes to eat. Here he is trying pizza for the first time:

We've got the backyard pool all set up, and we're looking forward to trying that out and to Rusty and Carrie getting back from the coast tomorrow morning. R and C are the masters of funny voices, as you can see here:

And now, how many of you like me, have the Three's Company theme song stuck in your heads?


Amy said...

You know Joy now! Hooray Hooray! Joy told me that Nora would give the evil eye every time she held sweet Abe. :) I am so glad that you guys if I could have been there too that would have been even better!

Blog Shmog said...

Yay! I can't believe I made your blog. I feel so special. :) I am stealing this picture for mine.
We'll have to do the Multnomah Falls adventure sometime in the near future.:)

mama becca said...

I'm just a wee bit jealous :). I realllly hope to be out there someday!

Lauren said...

Nothing like the falls on a hot day, and boy was it hot!!! God Bless!


Meredith said...

Ryan and I were just looking at this post and I commented how he looked familiar. Ryan said that Rusty taught him Technical Writing at USM!!!! He also remembered how he was the DJ at WUSM. Novel!

Lori said...

Meredith: that is all kinds of crazy. Weird.

Nicholas said...

Man, do you ever stop? It's exhausting and exhilarating to read your blog! Wow, you folks sure do get around! :) Lori

neola said...

Karen and I did that hike when she was here this spring. It's so beautiful up there! :) Glad y'all made it.

los cazadores said...

Lovely. Sounds like a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful to see you back at the falls with Abe. I, along with many of your readers, probably remember feeling a little bit of your pain as you froze your tush at the falls in the winter while thinking of Abe sunning his tush in Ethiopia.

Jill said...

fun to have a mini reunion at your house in portland!

coffeemom said...

WOW. You guys are very cool and I am most impressed. It is the most gracious folks who can be great hosts, as obviously you are. It is us selfish control freaks who are so bad at it. I envy you that ability and love to be able to follow the adventures that openness brings to you all! how cool are you guys? And well, Abe is still ridiculously cute! Very fun!

Anonymous said...

Portland in the summer sounds so beautiful. I need to get myself a spot in the queue at your door.

I love hearing about your friendship with Rusty, there is something so special about childhood friends.


Pattie VZ

Rusty Spell said...

I was never a DJ at WUSM, but my music was played on the radio station quite a bit in my day (by other people!).

DrewCareyShow said...

Look at the tummy on your little guy! (I mean Abe, of course.) He looks just wonderful, mommy! And my favorite part of that video is the way Carrie is just looking forward in the background... =)