Monday, June 16, 2008


There's this blog I read from time to time that had a post recently with complaints about the current high gas prices. In the comment section, someone wrote this:

"I think it’s time that the Dems in congress realize that the resources we need are slightly more important than the welfare of some animals."

Excuse me? My feathers are a little ruffled, but probably less than those belonging to all the feathered and furry creatures this commenter hopes to off so s/he can keep driving her/his SUV. What is wrong with people? And this is on a "Christian" blog--whatever happened to us being called to protect and take care of the earth? I really don't get this idea that "it's okay to rape creation because it's all going to burn anyway" (as one friend described it).

The cable arrived in the mail today (thanks, Colin!), so a happier post should follow soon.


Jennifer said...

Kudos! I agree with you wholeheartedly (and so does the pile of adorable doggies sitting on my couch right now)...and the birds eating out of birdfeeder in the yard ;)

graceling said...

I would have written...

I think it's time that the Dems in congress realize that the resources we need are slightly more important than the money that Big Oil is making and using to fund their campaigns!

We should be leading the world in alternative, earth-friendly fuel sources. We have all the technology- we just don't have the funding- or the ability to keep on while Big Oil tries to squish the life out of alternative fuel sources.

Anonymous said...

You know the irony in this? We're typing on computers that will eventually end up in a landfill somewhere. If we all just simplified our lives, and lived and worked within our own towns like they used to do, there would be no pollution, no need for highways running through natural habitats, no need for oil for planes or vehicles. (There is a movement to do this - The Simple Life, or something - food for thought). And if everyone would homeschool, no need for school buses! (Plus kids would get a better education.) And, imagine, we'd get to know our neighbors a little better, women could do their laundry outside together again and help raise each other's kids (I think God intended that way - women need the companionship). Ahhhhhh, the 19th Century. It wasn't as bad as people lead us to believe. I like horses, too. Anyone else heard of this movement?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you! All of creation is ours to take care of - not to abuse!

Anonymous said...

We are a spoiled lot, I have come to think in some ways the higher prices are a good thing, we can no longer take for granted this resource and have to think about our choices a little more. As long as gas prices were low, people continued to buy vehicles that guzzled gas like crazy with no thought. It seems like Americans will only change when forced. On the other hand I do really feel badly for people who were already economically stretched and are really feeling this and having to make truly difficult choices like food or fuel.

I hope we begin to work really hard on making a reality some good, economic, environmentally friendly alternatives. I think we have the ability if we have the will.

Just my opinion.


Lori said...

I totally agree with you, Pattie. It really is a difficult thing when families have to make the choice between gas to get them to work and milk for their kids, which is happening a lot now. What gets me though is hearing people complain about not being able to drive to Wal-mart to pick up hairspray they've run out of, so they have to go around for several days with frizzy hair (yes, someone actually wrote/said this). This is suffering? Has this person not seen what's going on in Myanmar, China, Ethiopia, Jamaica, etc.? And she seriously thinks it's worth it to start drilling in protected habitats so she can have silky, smooth, hairsprayed hair? It's things like this that make me think we're all going to hell in a handbasket (because again, this is on a Christian blog).

Anonymous said...

Lori: I can picture you sitting there yelling at your computer screen (or maybe that would be me)

I am truly embarassed for whoever would write such a thing.

I have had to stop reading comments on most blogs,(yours being one of the few exceptions) it causes me to think non-Christian thoughts about people.


Stacie said...

Oh that's just sad. I feel so sad when I read things like that. Ugh. Good comments on this though!

Sarah Bradford-Burton said...

I agree that there should be an answer to the "fuel" problem. Any alternative would be better than drilling in Alaska and spoiling the last frontier. Although, scarily, I saw a show on Discovery about gold mining in Alaska and they were destroying it! So we have to remember it's not just oil, there's gold and other stuff under ground that they want. NO MINING!!!!
Note: if you drive a little slower it helps with fuel economy.