Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer far

Rolling around on a friend's blanket during a concert.
(photo by Erin S.)

Outdoor concerts in the grass, preferably salsa.
(photo by Erin S.)

Dumb-looking visors.
Am I the only one on the west coast who wears these any more? Well, just me and the old Vietnamese ladies who I see in the grocery store.

(photo by Erin S.)

Sidewalk chalk, neighbor kid-style graffiti in front of our house

The west coast, specifically Cannon Beach

Munchkins in cherry trees.


Girls in bikinis and the boy who loves them.

Overalls with no shirt and no shoes.

Reading books in the backyard.

Portland Pathways, a favorite thing about this city.

Lemonade stands.

Cool Oregon rivers.

Visiting Uncle Mike and Cousin Adam at basketball camp.

Bike-rides here, in our favorite cemetery.



Pointing out and yelling at the moon while swimming with Elvis-hair.


Lonnie said...

Wow! Looks like a pretty fantastic Summer So Far. Great pictures!

Nicole said...

Fantastic photos and a wonderful post!!

Anonymous said...

What a great summer! Glad to know there are more to come. And ps - I wear visors all the time - hats are too hot!

Faith said...

spit-n-slide :)

Claudia said...

Lori, these photos are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Really beautiful light...

Julie said...

Lori your photography is really amazing, and not just because you have such beautiful subjects.

coffeemom said...

It's a beautiful life.

love m

Eastiopians said...

Oh, lovely lovely lovely! All of it.

msl said...

What beautiful photos! What a great summer your having.

Erin Sager said...

great summer so far, lots of photos of water, I think we may be needing a lot more of that...WOW its HOT!!!

Susan Isaacs said...

These photos are terrific. Abe just gets cuter and more involved in the world every day.

The Soucys said...

That Abe Rooney is so adorable, I could look at pics of him all day. My personal fave is the bike helmet, hands clasped, Jello Pudding grin. Priceless.

emily said...

Very nice update. He gets cuter and cuter.

Nicholas said...

I love seeing new pictures. First, I love your water shirt! Need one!

Second, I LOVE being in cemetaries. Everyone thinks I'm nuts... It's so calming to me and crisp.

That Abe is just beautiful! Like his Momma!

PVZ said...

Sorry, but yes it is just you, the Vietnamese ladies there and the Korean ladies here in La Crescenta with the visors. When I was a kid there were two cemetaries in our little town that I always rode my bike to your cemetary looks even nicer though.

Cloverland Farm said...

hi. i've been lurking. i know susan isaacs from her nyc days. she has spoken so highly of you. we are awaiting our referral...any day now... best, laura