Monday, November 2, 2009


Abe used to be a face-maker. He started as early as 11 months making funny/weird faces deliberately to make us react. We strongly encouraged this. He seemed to reach a pinnacle when he was about 18 months. In the archives of this blog are a few (okay, many) examples of Abe's face-making skills.

Eventually, he got lazy though. He just did his vampire-face and not much else. I'll say what everyone else was thinking but was too afraid to say: he was getting a little boring, honestly. He needed to amp things up. No slacking in the Rooney house.

Enter this lady:
She's the one in the red scarf taking in the spray at Multnomah Falls as Abe yells at the falls.

Staci has only been here since Friday morning, and look what Abe is doing:

This is Abe's "scared."

Not a bad effort. We're not going to let him slack off too much anymore. Thanks Staci, for kick-starting the faces again.

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Rebecca said...

I like the scared face. He has the total body language thing down :) We're glad to see a comeback in the making faces department!