Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New York Moment 20

Tonight after reading Abe his story in his bed, he said, "Let's talk about Little Bear," which is one of his favorite subjects.

The story about Little Bear went something like this:

Once upon a time, there was a little bear named Little Bear. He was living for a few weeks in New York City, and one day he went with Mother Bear and Father Bear on a train to a place called Yonkers to visit Father Bear's old friend Andrew. They went to Grand Central Station and got on a big train to take them to Andrew's house.

Andrew had three boys for Little Bear to play with, and the littlest boy was almost the same age as Little Bear. Little Bear kept crashing into the youngest boy so much that the boy hit Little Bear and made him cry and cry. So Mother Bear came downstairs and wiped Little Bear's tears away and told him, "Little Bear, I told you that you need to listen when your friends tell you to stop doing something." Little Bear nodded and went back to playing.

Then everyone ate some delicious salmon and couscous, and all the boys wrestled a lot. Then Little Bear got in Andrew's car to get to the station to catch the train to take them back into New York City. When they got back to the apartment, Little Bear brushed his teeth and got into bed where he fell asleep and dreamed all night about the delicious New York bagels and cream cheese he was going to eat in the morning at breakfast.

The end.

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